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You Got Snekked! (Curation compilation #4)

poeticsnake4 months ago6 min read

You Got Snekked! #4

Welcome to compilation #4 of You Got Snekked on Whaleshares!

I am so happy to start this curation project here on WhaleShares!

Edition 3, wow.... We are on a roll!
Edition 4, will they spot us now?

I am looking forward to interact with the WhaleShares community! With the help of the wonderful @FreedomExists, I will be able to reward Snekkies near, far and wide!

What is You Got Snekked?

You Got Snekked is a curation project which features, votes and rewards authors across the WhaleShares platform in a weekly curation post.

We aim to bring smiles to faces and offer organic exposure to help YOU build your audience!

If we Snek (Feature) your post you will get a 100% upvote from @PoeticSnake and 30 WhaleCoins (Sponsored by @FreedomExists) and we will write a short compilation including your post, share a picture from your post, and provide the link so others can find it!

We aim for undervalued posts! We will leave a reply to your post asking you for your bitshares account name to send you the 30 WhaleCoins. You can use these coins to upvote some or one of your posts!


Let's get started!

Here are the Snek Diamonds of the week!!



Meet @jonbit

What happens when you sit down and give yourself some time to think and reflect?

Come and dive into the world of @jonbit. See what he is seeing and read the words he had on his mind while sitting there. His post is a very nice read and will make you think and that is what I always like when I read someone's words. The fact that this post is also a peek inside his head makes it even more interesting for me. The picture alone is amazing as well and for a brief moment, I was thinking that I was sitting there, at the same spot hearing him speak the words he wrote down in his post! Come and share some love on his post!*

Click here to read @jonbit's Post!
This post was curated by @poeticsnake



Meet @adamsays

Let's welcome a new member to the platform!

I would like to introduce you to @adamsays! He likes to make music and in his post, he shared a lot of pictures with his instruments! While music is a BIG ITEM in his life, he also likes to write and share his opinions online and talk about them with others! With a comedic undertone, he wants to make people think, tell the truth and make people aware of the things happening around us all! Come and have a look at his post and leave some love!

Click here to read @adamsays's Post!
This post was curated by @poeticsnake



Meet @plantstoplanks

Vegans go wild!!!

The colder months are here and that always makes me hungry for soup! And today I found this amazing post about a soup I had never heard about before! Red potato, broccoli, and butter beans all in a nice mix! The pictures make this soup look even more amazing if you ask me! I am not a vegan but I am going to save the recipe and try this one out in the coming weeks for sure! Come and make yourself hungry for some soup and have a look at this amazing post!

Click here to read @plantstoplanks Post!
This post was curated by @poeticsnake



Meet @hansenator

Meet @hansenator

Hansenator does a round-up of the Psycho festival in Las Vegas. If you are into metal you can see original clips from over 10 bands from all over the world. Most of the bands I have never heard of but then I’m not a big metal fan. As they are mostly short clips you can plow through the lot fairly easily. Give some love as a lot of effort has gone into making this post. A follow, an upshare, show some love to a fellow creator on the platform!

Click here to read @hansenator's Post!
This post was curated by @poeticsnake



Meet @cryptosdecrypted

Meet @cryptodecrypted

If you are new to the world of crypto you will find Cryptodecrypted’s post really useful as it gives a breakdown of different of the different sectors and the main players within those sectors.

Crypto Decrypted was originally a day trader before moving into crypto. He is a font of knowledge of all things crypto so it would be worth taking a look at this and all future posts. Give him a follow so you won't miss out and share some of your love on his post!

Click here to read @cryptosdecrypted's Post!
This post was curated by @poeticsnake

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Thank you!

You got Snekked wants to give a special Thank You to @freedomexists for sponsoring us here on the platform.



If you'd like to support us, you could download the Snekky banner and add it to the end of your posts!

Have yourself a slithering fine day and thank you for reading our compilation post!

**Best wishes** *Snekky*  


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