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You Got Snekked! (Curation compilation #13)

poeticsnakelast month8 min read

You Got Snekked! #13

Welcome to compilation #13 of You Got Snekked on Whaleshares!

If you like what we are doing, concider voting for our witness @snug!

I am looking forward to interact with the WhaleShares community! With the help of the wonderful sponsors @nepd for Hairshares and @chronocrypto for CHRONO, I will be able to reward Snekkies near, far and wide!

What is You Got Snekked?

You Got Snekked is a curation project which features, votes and rewards authors across the WhaleShares platform in a weekly curation post.

We aim to bring smiles to faces and offer organic exposure to help YOU build your audience!

If we Snek (Feature) your post you will get a 100% upvote from @PoeticSnake and 30% upvote from Chrono and Hairshares, a 50% upvote from @artist and we will write a short compilation including your post, share a picture from your post, and provide the link so others can find it!

We aim for undervalued posts! BUT, we don't aways look at the payout! A good post is a good post!

Let's get started!

Here are the Snek Diamonds of the week!!



Meet @keithboone

Meet @keithboone

A few days ago, I was blessed to meet @keithboone during the Monday Madness show on the You Got Snekked Discord server and let me tell you, I am happy I did!

The photographs he is sharing on our platform are all stunning and will draw you into the moment he took them! In this post, he shares the interior of Christ Church Cathedral in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. A marvelous shot and the edit is wonderful too! I would advise you to also open more of his posts because they are all awesome! Come and have a look and leave some love on his post!

Click here to read @keithboone's Post!
This post was curated by @poeticsnake



Meet @adriansky

Meet @adriansky.

When you open a post and the first thing you do is fall in aww you know you found yourself a pearl on the platform!

This post by @adriansky blew my mind away and I had to stare at the pictures one by one for at least 5 minutes each! They are amazing and made me wish that I was there! For a brief moment, I was because he shared his work with us all! Come and have a look at these amazing pictures and leave some love on the post!

Click here to read @adriansky's Post!
This post was curated by @poeticsnake



Meet @promzyelisha

Meet @promzyelisha.

Digital art is something I always find interesting to learn about! I am always stunned to see what all these amazing artists can do with a computer, a program and their mouse and or pen!

In this post you can see a digital piece of art created by @promzyelisha for the we talent round contest! She explains how and why she created this and also shares pictures of the progress she went through! Come and have a look at this post and leave some of your love on it!

Click here to read @promzyelisha's Post!
This post was curated by @poeticsnake



Meet @penderis

Meet @penderis.

Sometimes you see someone making something amazing and you want to try it out as well! Digital programs for art can cost you a lot of money and sure as hell patience!

@penderis wrote a post about him using mandelbulb! A program to create amazing things if you know how to use it and if you have time! I have never tried these programs so reading posts about them is something I like to do! @penderis wrote this post with a lot of humor as well which made me giggle! Come and have a look at his work and perhaps you can try it as well!

Click here to read @penderis's Post!
This post was curated by @poeticsnake



Meet @willymac

Meet @willymac.

Writing is something most of us like to do here on the platform! Blogs in all shapes and forms! I love reading even more. So, when I come across a post with a story, I will always open it!

This story is written by @willymac and I am not going to tell you what it's about because I want you to find out for yourself and form your own opinion about the story in the end! All I will say is that I loved every single word and I am looking forward to see more of his work! Come and read this post and make yourself comfy with some coffee and or tea!

Click here to read @willymac's Post!
This post was curated by @poeticsnake



Meet @giantbear!

Meet @giantbear.

A short story can fill a whole book! I love reading short stories because I can read them whenever I want!

Writing a short story is not easy! Some say that writing short stories is easier than a whole book but I beg to differ! When you have to tell a whole story in let's say 500 words it becomes even harder! You have to make sure that you tell everything and not too much. Yet, you want details to make your point! This makes you think even harder! Come and have a look and read this short story written by @giantbear!

Click here to read @giantbear's Post!
This post was curated by @poeticsnake



Meet @drewwestpress

Meet @drewwestpress.

Joining a new platform can be really though! And because of that reason I always love to scan the introduce yourself tag a lot these days!

Today I came across this post written by @drewwestpress! He shares a nice picture of himself (Note...beard! Anywaysss..) and tells a lot about his passion! Come and give him a warm welcome to the platform and leave some love on his post!

Click here to read @drewwestpress's Post!
This post was curated by @poeticsnake



Meet @thekitchenfairy

Meet @thekitchenfairy.

Have you ever tasted or seen Yam balls? I never heard of them to be honest! I think people who can bake and cook like a pro have magic in their fingers!

This post made me hungry! And that is a good thing in two ways! The first thing is that seeing the yam balls made my mouth water and my tummy sad because I could not bite into them! The second is the fact that this post made me hungry for more recipes and snacks like these! Come and have a look at this wonderful post by @thekitchenfairy and leave some love behind!

Click here to read @thekitchenfairy's Post!
This post was curated by @poeticsnake

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