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Tears for the better!

poeticsnake2 months ago2 min read

Tears for the better!

I really never know what I am going to doodle/draw when I sit down in the freaking middle of the night with my pen in hand and paper before me! I like drawing in the darkness and in the silence of the night! For some reason I get more inspired!

When I made the first steps of the drawing I was thinking of doing a snake kinda doodle but before I knew it it became the one thing I seem to be drawing a lot again.. Thats right, an eye!


I tried to add colors to this one but turned it back right away! Some drawing just look better in black and white! But because I am not scared to share I will show the colored one as well! I wonder wich one you all like more! So, please let me know in the replies!


While I like the colors and the effects it takes away from the eye for me! So, I turned it back for myself and started over to create the black and white and kept this one just in case I like this better tomorrow! That happens a lot! :D

As always I will show the progress pictures of the drawing I made with a black fineliner this time.





As always I love to hear what you think about my artwork! So, feel free to leave a reply! It's much appreciated!

Best wishes


gif done.gif

This is a re-post! It's been online before!


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