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If you could do anything you wanted for one day, what would you do?

poeticsnake2 months ago2 min read

  • If you could do anything you wanted for one day, what would you do?

    Image source: Pixabay.nl

    So many things, so so many things that I would love to do! But how do you get them all in just one day? This is going to be a problem because I might use the first 6 hours of that day to figure this out!

    I think I would start by waking up really early and this is a shocker because I don't do mornings! But for this day I will. I will order a huge breakfast with champagne! I am not going to drink it because I don't drink at all but because it looks cool I would. Then, I would go to a store where they dress you as you want! Anything is possible so I will be dressed as a snake lady! I will also go to a hair salon and let them play around with my hair and nails! After this pampering I will pay a visit to the King of the Netherlands and have tea, I mean coffee with him and his wife! We will talk about nothing really because I have no clue why I am even there! Just want to see the inside I guess.

    The next thing on my list is to ride a horse at the beach followed by a nice picknick in the woods. I would dance on my bare feet till the evening falls and swim naked under a waterfall and watch how pretty the night sly is. Or perhaps I would totally hire a plane and fly to where ever I want that day? Or rob a bank? Why would I do that? Jeeez Snekky behave! Anyways. I would also love to meet a few people during that day! Like @thebugiq and @ma1neevent, @mandelsage and @anyaehrim and @sugarfix! I would hug them all even if they don't want to because it's my day! :P

    I really have no answer for this question because I really have no clue today! What would you do? I would love to read your answers!

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