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I can be anything I want, so I became a Dino breeder!

poeticsnakelast month3 min read

The day I became a kid again!

Some of you might laugh and giggle and other might embrace the same thing as I did a few days ago! You see, it's never wrong to embrace the kid inside you every now and then! If it makes you happy, why not!

On Dec 5 we celebrate Sinterklaas in the Netherlands and a few of the kids got great gifts at the party I was. One of those gifts made my eyes grow big and right away I had that amazing feeling that I wanted to have that gift as well! Call me insane but I still love toys! Maybe I never grew up all the way, who knows but...


They got eggs! And not just a egg to ate! No No, these eggs are super special! They come in a small box and you have to drop them into water. After a few hours the shell will crack and you can see what's inside. Slowly, with patience, the egg will crack open more and more and the magic starts to grow to a dino! A DINO! I love Dino's! So, as of 6 days ago I took on a new job! I became a Dino breeder!


They cost 0,80 cents here at the store per egg! I buy them at the Action! And I got a few from my mom as well! And, just so you know, she bought a few for herself as well! Runs in the family I guess! When I put the egg into the water I really feel the same happiness I did when I was a kid! Not knowing what will come out and clapping my hands like a retarted seal when the first cracks start to show! Yupp, thats me, Snekky the Dino breeder!


Excitement about something this small is pure happiness to me! It reminds me of the fact that I really am a very happy person. I enjoy the little things in life and can have fun with an egg! The only sad thing about these eggs is the fact that there is no chocolate!


I love my new job! And I will make sure to become the best dino breeder on the world! no, I won't promise not to make jurassic park to come true! So far, the dino's seem to be cute! Even the T-rex is making sweet sounds! Soon, when I slither around in the world with my army of dino's the world will turn into laughter and that is GREAT! Laugh, because it's a good thing! Have fun and embrace your own inner child! Point your finger at me and giggle but know that you might end up becoming a dino breeder yourself!


I could sit here and write even more but I think you got the message! So, excuse me while I go and have a look at my water basin to make sure the little critter is doing well! Feel free to drop by and pet them. I just won't promise that they will behave and not bit!

Best wishes
@poeticsnake ake super dino breeder!


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