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poeticsnakePosted to Public3 months ago3 min read


So, here we are! The day the hardfork happened!

It's a day with totally mixed feelings for me. As stated a few days back, I was not a big fan of the hardfork but after many chats I was slightly more happy and able to see a way to make things work.
The HTLC is amazing and the interests are rocking as well. Right now, most of us are waiting to see the new amount of daily claim we will get. Exciting for sure!


I can't help but feel really weird about the fact that all the pending payouts have been burned. I asked about it before the fork and was told things would be covered. I asked about it an hour after the fork and was stunned and I mean seriously stunned at the answer I got that moment. I did not even answer anymore and just closed my laptop. Very rude, but I just had to walk away. I do like the new tip system, so please don't get me wrong. What I do not like is that the work of two weeks has been totally for nothing! All payouts just poof in the bloody wind. We are not just talking about 10 or 25 wls here. For some, I saw it was around 500, others 2000 and for me and some others we talk about over 10.000 wls. Just gone. Hard work put into posts BUT also the hard work curating! We all spend the last day burning our mana! Just to be sure everything was used and others would have a huge smile.

And for the love of everything I stand for, I CAN"T believe we did not get a heads up on that fact! The dev-team, who did a great job by the way overall, knew this would happen! If you change the code that much, if you make a huge turn around like that YOU NEED TO INFORM your members. The fact that this has happened placed a really sour taste in my mouth. I could just smile and laugh but I refuse to lie. We all work hard on what we do here and we are all human beings. I think 85% of the members who were still super active before the hardfork meant well for the community and they have to pay for the rest! Its a shame and I will not take those words back. Most of my work takes place behind the scene in my community and my drawing table. As a long time member of this platform I am sad. Sad how things have been done communication wise.

I worked for those pay-outs using my stake! Taking that away from me without a single word before hand is wrong! That taste will be stuck in my mouth for a while.

I thought the whole day about writing this post or not. But as you can see, my drive to write won!


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