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Hey there HONEY!

poeticsnakePosted for Everyone to comment on, 6 months ago2 min read

Hey there HONEY!


Yesterday was a very good day!

Not only did I celebrate my birthday, but my package full of sweet honey came as well. Normally I only buy raw honey when I come across it during trips, but seeing the fact that I have been sick since Januari this year, I have not been on trips at all. I made a note where I bought some fresh raw honey in the past and found out they had a website. And since I sadly was out of honey for a few weeks now, I broke my own rule and ordered some online.

I remember when I walked into their shop a few years back! They had so many different things and I fell in love right away. So while ordering my honey I had a very nice memory to think back on.


Dutch Summer honey!

This is the one I opened up right away to enjoy! I could taste the Summer in the sweetness. I know I will be drinking a hell of a lot more tea the coming days!


Lime tree Honey!

This is lime tree honey and I know it tastes amazing! For now, this jar will stay closed till the other one is all cleaned up till the last drop and sweetness will be devoured.


Honey for my skin.

I also bought some honey soap! It's amazing for your skin for all kind of reasons. My skin reacts amazing to it and I really enjoy the scent! No, It does not smell like honey but you can feel the honey on your skin for sure.

Go get yourself some HONEY!

I am not someone who knows a lot about health and benefits etc, but I do know that Honey can work miracles for you!
Be like me, and try some out!


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