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Guess who'ssss backksssss! It's Le meee Snekky!!!

poeticsnakePosted to Public2 months ago

Elloossss peoplessss of the blockchain, youtubessss and all other things!

It's me, Snekky and I am back to stay!


Me needssss your helpsssss!
I want to have a fun reason to ssstay and for my next video I want to ask you for some helpiesss.
I want to make a fact about messs video and for that I want to know what you guys want to know about little me! Uhu, you can ask me anything you want to know and I will make a amazingly bad edited video to answer all the questionssssss! And yesss, I ssshall be honest!

Here is a short video I made today!

Thank you sssssooo much for watching me!
Stalkerssss are welcome!
Don't forget to drop your questions for me down belowsssss thissss wonderful post!
Oy, I wrote thisss with me tail sssoooo it's amazing!

Mucho love,



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