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Getting ready for THA BEAST! Are you as well?

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Getting ready for THA BEAST!

Image source: Pixabay.nl

I did it again! I have thrown myself in a nice and amazingly idiotic position to try and set myself up to fail! If there is something I am really bad at it's replying! I always fight with myself because I want to better at replying, at more replying for starters. But I wouldn't be Snekky if I did not like to trick myself into doing this! So, long story short, I am getting ready for the beast!

What is the Beast?

The Beast is a HUGE challenge to build community within this social sharing platform. <---Read that again! Why? Because it's important! If you want to learn all about this amazing challenge please click on the following link and read the whole post!

When I dive in, I dive in full force! This means that I will aim for the highest level! Why? Because I like to challenge myself to do things I am not good at! When the first round of the Beast came on Whaleshares, I shivered and ran away as hard as I could. Scared little snek! But while all those amazing people were working hard on the challenge, I felt that I made a mistake! I wanted to be part of that but was too late! This time, when I saw round number two was going to start soon, I ran away again! WTF!!! I ran and ran until I hit the wall of my own mind! I grabbed a frozen tuna and whacked myself a few times across the face! NO MORE RUNNING SNEK!!

The 14 posts in 14 days is not the biggest challenge for me. What I fear (Fear might not be the right word.) is the 700 replies in 14 days! This means that I have to do at least 50 replies every day to finish! This is the tricky part for me. I might be good at talking to people, hugging people and or to make souls laugh but I am BAD, and I really mean BAD at keeping track of replies! I want to reply to everyone on my posts and the post written by them. But for some reason after a few days I lose track and I give up! No more! I can do this! I WILL DO THIS! And what I love the most is that fact that I don't have to do it alone! No, many people, amazing souls are going to do the same thing. AND, there are Coaches.!!!! Wonderful people who will stand by us to give us a helping hand, a gentle push and the help we might need! This, for sure, is what I love about the Beast, the feeling of doing something together!

Dive in, nose first, arms stretched out while making soft whimperings sounds! After a chat with @merej99 in the Snekked server on dicord, I jumped. One, because I have a secret stash of love for that woman and second because I am done hiding! If I want to become better at certain things I need to open myself up to learning! So, I AM IN and I shall welcome this BEAST with open arms! I do hope that more people will join us as well! You don't have to aim for the highest level just like I do! The most important thing is that you will have lots of fun, learn a few things here and there and make new friends!

Here is the link one more time:

I am looking forward to the coming 14 days of chaos in my head and I really hope to see more of you joining in as well!

Image source: Pixabay.nl

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