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Get to know each other!

poeticsnake2 months ago4 min read

The best conversations can start by just asking a few simple questions. Everyone has their own special and hilarious stories and characteristics and with the right questions they can come up. Because I want to get to know you all better I am going to answer a question per post but I am not going to post them every day! I hope you will answer the question as well after reading the post! You can do so in the replies or start your own blog with questions as well!

Image source: Pixabay.nl

Today the question is:

  • Name one thing that people probably did not know about you?

    I like to think and say that I am an open book but the more I think about it, I am really not! There is always this weird fear in the back of my head telling me not to share too much information and details! I have opened up more the last few years but I still notice that I have problems here and there! Nothing big but I want to be more open and I want to get to know others better as well. And to be able to get to know you, him or her, I need to be more open as well!

    I think there are a lot of things people don't know about me! And the question only asks for one thing! Now, I am not a huge rule follower so perhaps I will just share a few things! But where to begin and what do I want to share? ((Tapping chin here!!))

    I have a HUGE problem with numbers and I can't read charts! A funny fact perhaps for someone who deals with a lot of numbers and charts since joining the Crypto world! This problem is even worse when I do things in English seeing this is not my first language! At times, I know I drive @thebugiq nuts when it comes to numbers but he is always patient with me because I told him that I have this problem. If he asks me to read him numbers I mess up no matter what! Perhaps he likes it as well! I think I always hear him giggle.

    Image source: Pixabay.nl

    I make jokes about it and I really don't mind. We all have different things we are not so good at or have problems with! But when it comes to the DEX and reading trading charts it becomes a tad harder for me. I don't and never will give up and I still get things done and I find the information I need in different ways. For one, I play BINGO, yupp you read that right! Snekky plays bingo like a pro! I have different bingo games on my tablet, all in English and that way I keep reminding myself the numbers, how they are said and how they are written. And yes, when I get bingo, I scream BINGOOOOOOO! ((Shakes head))
    A few more facts about me! I love cheese, I am a happy person and always see the bright side of life! Are you serious Snekky? You always write such dark poetry? Yupp! Trust me, I am one big spark of happiness and laughter! Also, I am a Roleplay writer! Yes, I have a few accounts on (Coughs) FB where I write demonic critters and this is the reason I started writing again in the first place and where my name comes from! Perhaps I might tell a bit more about that in a different post when I feel like it!

    Now, I would like to ask you to answer the question as well! Please feel free to leave a reply on my post! Let's get to know each other a bit better!

    Connect with me?

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    Thank you for reading my post!

    Best wishes



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