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CONTEST! Win 1000 WLS for your STAKE! And more prizes!

poeticsnakePosted last month for Everyone to comment on2 min read

CONTEST! Win 1000 WLS for your STAKE!

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The contest.

I am building a second studio for the Winter period and this means that my wall behind my desk is rather empty! I also want to promote Whaleshares a bit more. 1+1= a contest to fill my wall and promote my beloved platform at the same time with the help of YOU, the platform users!

I need art for my wall and I am asking YOU to create it!

You can be creative, use pencils, paint, digital art is also welcome. No photography, I will only fill my wall with drawings! I also need to be able to print it out in a4 size (8-1/4 x 11-3/4 in inches or 210 x 297 in milimeters)

YOU have to draw whaleshares related! Use the logo, draw the letters, make Whaleshares pop in the drawing/painting! You can add flowers, animals, cars, people, what ever you feel like but there has to be a CLEAR part where there is whaleshares!

For my upcoming videos on Youtube, my wall will be seen many time! This means people will see the art and it might trigger them to ask about Whaleshares! I will also mention the contest and winners in a vlog!


Your drawing needs to have something about Whaleshares!
You can only enter with 3 drawings per person
You can only win one prize!
You need to enter before Nov 1 2020!
If you enter, you agree with me showing your art in my videos for at least 3 months!
You can enter by post or reply to this post! A post would be cool and if you do, please let me know!
Use the tag Snekkiescontest as your first tag!

Judge Snekky!

I am the judge and I will pick 3 winners! I can not be bribed... Or can I? LOL.


First prize: 1000 wls added to your stake
Second prize: 750 wls added to your stake
Third prize: 500 wls added to your stake

I will announce the winners in the first week of November!

Ready? GO!


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