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Christmas kit (Small) Yves Rocher!

poeticsnakePosted for Everyone to comment on, 4 days ago3 min read

Christmas kit (Small) Yves Rocher!


I am a sucker for gift boxes! When I ordered my adventkalender a few weeks ago on Yves Rocher, my eyes spotted this tiny little box with 4 items inside! All in Christmas edition! My heart jumped with joy and I added it to my list! I seriously had grabby hands!

The box turned out to be bigger than I thought! Extra happiness when I saw that! Opening it up made me smile even more because the items inside where not that small either!

Inside I found a lip balm, a shower gel, hand cream and a hand cleansing gel!
The items looks just as pretty as the metal box it came in! The all have the same scent, sweet blackberries and i must admit, I really enjoy the scent!

The lip balm makes my lips feel super soft and it stays on for many hours! With other, cheaper lip balms, I have to aply it almost every hour.

The hand cream has the same blackberries scent and does not feel very sticky! It aplies easy and dries up pretty fast without leaving that nasty feeling some handcremes do.

The hand cleansing gel smells wonderful as well and does feel nice on my skin. The scent blackberries makes using this gel much better than all the other cleansing gels we have to use for our hands these days with Covid.

The only product I found small is the shower gel! I used it two times and it was gone! Sad face! The scent was gentle and made me smile but.... There was not much bubbly going on! I had to use a lot of product to be able to soap my whole body! So, while I love the scent, I would not buy this shower gel in a bigger bottle!

All in all, this box costed me €3.95!
I find it worth the money and it also makes a very nice gift to give to someone with Christmas! I ordered 2 more to give away this year! :D

If you want to buy this Christmas kit as well:




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