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Adventkalenders! Hema Nailpolish to shine bright during the Holiday season!

poeticsnakePosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 months ago2 min read


I have always loved them. Each year, I asked for them as birthday gifts. I celebrate my special day on November 22. So, If I get them, I can spend 24 days in December still celebrating my birthday with little gifts each single day! Perfection if you ask me!

I also buy some for myself. Some are not that expansive but there are lots who are way beyond my prize limits! Maybe one day I will be able to get one of those!

This time I am showing you the 10 day nailpolish kalender from the Hema.

I already opened this one up for two reasons!
1- I was too curious!
2- The way the box felt told me that there was not one nailpolish on its place anymore.

When I started to open it up, it showed me that I was right! All the polish was fallen down to the bottom of the box. I guess the shipping caused a storm in the box!


After taking them all out, I placed them back into their little spots to take some pictures!












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