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PixWeekly #13: Brand-New Games & Tulip Conference

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Welcome to another high energy PixWeekly!

We have been working fast and furious to release our new games and we are happy to announce that our Game Center now has 4 games in total for you to play: pixEOS Paint FE, Blockatrix3000, The Arcade, and pixEOS REEL Slot Machine. https://gamecenter.pixeos.one/ The games now show you which accounts have the highest scores on the leaderboard, so try it out today.

Our Game Center is where you will find all our games, from fun puzzles to cyberpunk-themed arcade games, as well as collaborative, graffiti-inspired paint games and even slot machines. Just head on over to the pixEOS Game Center and pick which game you want to play. Blockatrix3000 and The Arcade puzzle game are free to play, and you actually earn PIXEOS tokens by playing! See if you can get on the leaderboard!


If you’re more of a creative type, head on over to pixEOS Paint Game, and add your scribble or next art masterpiece directly on the canvas! The Paint Game is coming along nicely ever since we changed it to accepting PIXEOS tokens for pixel purchases. Each pixel costs one PIXEOS token to paint on, so in theory, you could play some games, earn PIXEOS tokens while playing then head on over and paint some pixels in the Paint Game.


pixEOS Paint The Arcade Game is Live!



Our latest puzzle game is both addictive and fun! Just click on the Start button when you get to the pixEOS Game Center. You can play it for free and also earn PIXEOS tokens as you get really skilled at this addictive game. You can claim a daily booster, withdraw your PIXEOS tokens to your EOS wallet, and see who is at the top of the leaderboard! This game is great for mainstream adoption of EOS, so if you have not shared it with an EOS newbie yet, do so today! It’s an easy way to onboard people to the EOS ecosystem.

Newest Features in The Arcade Puzzle Game:

-Chinese version enabled
-Withdraw PIXEOS tokens from game into EOS account
-Leaderboard shows up in the Game Center

You will need an EOS wallet, either Scatter desktop or a mobile wallet like Token Pocket. More mobile wallets are being added monthly.

New Games

pixEOS REEL is Now Live & It Uses PIXEOS Tokens



When you visit the pixEOS Game Center, you’ll now notice there are 4 games in it. The latest addition is the pixEOS REEL Slot Machine that uses PIXEOS tokens to wager. Check it out and remember, play responsibly and don’t overindulge. See if you can get 3 Voxies!

Game Center is Now in Chinese


At the top right hand corner, there is a square flag button that allows you to change the games into either English or Chinese. Click the button to change languages.





Check out our newest exchange listing, EOSDAQ, a decentralized exchange built on EOS.


Trust Dice



Trust Dice is a provably fair site that specializes in dice games. We have partnered with Trust Dice so read the full article for the details about their daily PIXEOS token giveaways from Trust Dice: https://medium.com/@trustdice/pixeos-trust-dice-e0b3a44ab29a

pixEOS Game Center on Product Hunt



Go and show some love for your favorite pixEOS games because we are now on Product Hunt! You can still upvote us!


pixEOS is Co-Sponsoring and Giving Presentations at Tulip Conference in San Francisco June 4-6



This year, we are co-sponsoring the Tulip conference, a San Francisco tech innovation event that starts on June 4, 2019. Tulip’s theme is Meet The 100 Pioneers Breaking New Frontiers and the event will have a wide variety of speakers from many disciplines including: Privacy Tech, Blockchain & Digital Assets, Intelligent Robotics, Zero Waste, Cannabis Tech, Disaster & Emergency Management. Headlining speakers include Brock Pierce, CEO of Sense Chat Crystal Rose, Joshua Bernstein, Chief Architect of Amazon Web Services and a host of other influential changemakers that you won’t want to miss.

Additionally, an entire day, June 6 is dedicated to the EOS BP Summit and that schedule is here: https://www.tulipconf.com/events/2019/6/6/eos-block-producers-summit

Joe Chiappetta and Stellabelle will be giving presentations at the EOSIO Block Producer & Technology Summit Thursday, June 6, 2019, 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM at the SF Film Center 39 Mesa St #107, San Francisco, CA 94129.

pixEOS will have a booth at the main Tulip conference location on June 4-5th, so definitely come by and say hello. Get tickets to Tulip here: https://www.tulipconf.com/




pixEOS Community Manager Aaron Mangal presented pixEOS at the RareAF2 event in NYC on May 18, 2019.



Selected works from pixEOS Featured Artists were shown and the event brought together a wide spectrum of art projects from the blockchain space including: Meural, Dada NYC, SuperRare, KnownOrigin, RadiCards, Snark.Art, Rare Art Labs, OpenSea, Ujo Music, Aeternity, Codex, Bounties Network, Artolin, pixEOS, Larva Labs, Nifty.Supply, Creative Crypto, Bitcorn, Counterparty, Non-Fungible Alliance, Blockchain Art Collective, Furtherfield, CryptoKaiju, MakersPlace, BlockCities, Rare Pepe Foundation, #ArtProject, and more!


Cypherglass-Approved Explain It Like I’m 5 pixEOS Video

Rob Finch of Cypherglass created a video about our ELI5 pixEOS video. Watch this video if you’re new to pixEOS and want a quick overview:

EOS Test Dummy

A pixEOS community member, EOS Test Dummy has created a very cool video that gives some cool facts and data about the pixEOS Paint FE game so check it out:


This week’s mystery guest is Voxie, our trusted bot. Voxie has been really busy playing all our new games, and spending time teaching humans how to HODL PIXEOS tokens. We visited Voxie recently and shot some footage so check out the video above!

Play our games: https://gamecenter.pixeos.one/

pixEOS Official Links

pixEOS Official site: https://www.pixeos.io
pixEOS Game Center: https://gamecenter.pixeos.one/
pixEOS Paint FE Game: https://paintfe.pixeos.art/#/
pixEOS Hub: https://hub.pixeos.one/
pixEOS Avatar Maker: https://avatar.pixeos.art


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Whaleshares: https://whaleshares.io/@pixeos
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pixEOS Telegram group: https://t.me/PIXEOS
pixEOS announcement channel: https://t.me/pixeosio
pixEOS China group: 中国社区: https://t.me/pixEOSChina
pixEOS Korea group: https://t.me/pixEOSKorea

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