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OpenContest - Create the Name of Tomorrow's Whales! - Winner!

pixel4 months ago6 min read

In our Create the Name of Tomorrow's Whales Contest, we have received an unbelievable big amount of entries!

Although this is an initiative given by Pixel and therefore it is not an official one, this doesn't mean that the name chosen by the community is the next way to refering to Whaleshares users. That will be a personal decision of each one of the users.

Either way. The community has chosen one of the most creative and dedicated entry as their winner. With seventeen upshares and a lot of compliments our winner is...!


Whaledictorians, a term created by @mandelsage, for which he made an amazing description of the reasons that drove him to this name:

"(...)I had to get creative and started playing around with the sound of the word, repeating it to myself aloud, until eventually "valedictorian" popped into my head, mainly, I think, because I had recently watched the last few episodes of the second season of "Atypical" (I recommend it - highly entertaining).

A valedictorian, at least in the US and Canada, is the person who scored the highest grades in the last year of high school, and usually has to give the farewell speech at the graduation ceremony.

The etymology of "valedictorian" is much more interesting:

It's from valediction, which is borrowed from Latin valedīcere, present active infinitive of valedīcō (“bid farewell”), from valē, imperative of valeō (“I am well”), + dīcō (“say”).

Indeed, we are the whaledictorians of the internet, striving to create a social network that rewards everyone for the effort they put into their content, bidding farewell to inferior, centralised systems like Facebook. We are not only "well" ... We are swell! We are the best. Assim digo eu.(...)"

Thanks a lot to all our competitors! Each single one of you have earned 10 Pixel (which we have already sent to you). Except our main and unique winner @mandelsage! Who has earned 200 Pixel!

Congratulations to everyone!

Keep connected to Pixel updates and competitions. We are planning many things and coming with more and more activity!!

You can support the #art and #photography community!

Pixel whale-token is supported and being constantly reinforced with donations given by @artwhale-witness. You can show your support to this project by voting him as a witness at the witness page.

Vote @artwhale-witness as witness!


By doing so you will be supporting the art community, its education and the development of a strong design in the platform.

Sharing Pixel-WhaleToken's Philosophy

Why do we do this?

We know how hard it is to bring art to life and make a way of living with that. At least before it becomes a profession. But this is not something we think people should to suffer: we want to change the equation and help those who choose the art as a way of living. Because art is not a only a job, it is not only a profession. It is a philosophy of life and a way of living. It is a way of thinking and conceiving the World.

It is something too beautiful to let it die on the people with potential, just because of the bitter lack of resources. We can't give ourselves the pleasure of ignoring it and let those flowers to wither away. Because if we do, we are part of the problem, not the solution.

What is the solution?

Whaleshares is a prodigy child that has just been born. It is a platform that is already providing countless resources, funding and support to projects that will create synergy in as many was as possible. The best of all is that time will just bring this amazing project to grow and give tools to even more people, for helping them to achieve their goals and dreams.

We understand that when you are thinking more about paying you bills rather than making your projects to come true, you can't apply 100% of energy to create and make things happen. But we are here to change that.

But how do we...?

We will protect our fellow artists and support the #art and #photography community by rewarding their efforts and work of quality in many different ways. We know how hard it is to start this path. You are not alone.

But we need you, fellow artists, to promote yourselves in the right way. Because due to the increasing size of our community, it will be harder and harder to find you and your fellows between so many. make a proper use of the tags, discord channels and comments section.

Make a proper use of the tags
There are two main and unique tabs that you can use as the main tag for better visibility; #art and #photography. Only those two tags will be considered.

Use the Official Whaleshares Discord Server to promote your work
Join us to our Official Whaleshares Discord Server and get right onto the Artist-Corner or Photography-Corner channels and promote your work. Remember to read the rules of the server and post once and only once (posts with mentioned more than once won't be considered).

Share your pieces on the comments section!
Add a thumbnail of your artwork or photography with a short description and let the community to support you! Sharing your artwork on the comment section will give you a good chance of being seen by our staff and get you promoted. But remember to not spam: Remember to share your artwork/post only once. Otherwise it won't be taken in consideration.

Bringing Communities together.

Language won't be a barrier for Pixel. People from many different languages and corners of the world are already working hard to make this possible for those which english is not yet an option.

Many different multi-language communities are coming all together to bring their tongues and efforts on the same direction.

Our goal is also to support with warm words and education to those that could push further and just need a little bit of stimulus to get their stuff done in a much better way. And if you are willing to help in your native language, don't hesitate to look for us at the Official Whaleshares Discord Server !

If you speak spanish, you can also get into the amazing BeyondBitcoinCastellano Discord and get the amazing support of a strong and active spanish-speaker community.

Need Help Using your PIXEL WhaleTokens?.

If you got PIXEL WhaleTokens and you are ready to use them... That's not a problem! Just get to our tutorial on how to use them which guides you step by step and get your WhaleTokens rolling on!

If you have any question or you got any issue please reach us out in Discord!

Support @pixel by voting for @artwhale-witness at https://whaleshares.io/~witnesses

(All the artworks have been made by @Anritco)



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