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Share your Plants & Animals photos - Winners of the last week

photochallengePosted to Public4 months ago4 min read

Make sure to include your BTS address in your entry posts!!!

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Hi all! It's Wednesday! Share your 'Plants/Animals' photos and Win PHOTOKEN!

Mammals, birds, reptiles, insects etc. are welcome! Don't have an animal photo? Share shots of flowers, tree or any other plants!
Please read the rules! I've made them more clear.
Please express your appreciation by visiting their posts and clicking on WLS button at the bottom of their entry posts!
Congratulations to the winners! (Please, share&reward the previous announcement post if you missed it.)
by @boddhisattva - Entry post

by @yetaras - Entry post

by @deltasteem - Entry post

by @elenka - Entry post

by @bmbk - Entry post

by @samic - Entry post

by @samprock - Entry post

by @lyubovbar - Entry post

by @emima-mas - Entry post

by @miguelmederico - Entry post

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on Whaleshares blockchain. You can read my witness statement here. I kindly request you to consider voting for @photochallenge on witness page that is in your wallet and it requires your active key. Everyone has 30 votes. I would appreciate if @photochallenge would get one of them.

Follow the themes of @photochallenge and use the proper topics!

Your entry has to be a separate post on your blog with #photochallenge AND #nameofthedayphotochallenge topics. IT MEANS THAT YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO USE TWO TOPICS! The theme of Monday is 'Monochromes'. If you participate in the Monday challenge, your entry has to be a monochrome photo. You have to use #photochallenge AND #mondayphotochallenge topics together. One photo, one theme. You cannot use the same post in multiple themes. E. g. using #mondayphotochallenge together with #tuesdayphotochallenge topic on the same post is not allowed. I encourage all participants to check other photo contests running on Whaleshares.io and use their topics together with ours to increase your chance to win more.
I'll post an announcement with the winners every day. You have six days to post your entries in the topic. (I need one day to select the winners and to create the post.) For example, you can send your entries in 'Monochromes' theme from Monday until 12.00 a.m. (midnight - UTC +1 - Central Europian Time) Saturday.
ThemeDaily + #photochallenge topicStartsEnds
You should indicate your entry in a topic by clicking on WLS button (share&reward) at the end of the announcement post of the theme. For instance, if you would like to post entries in both, 'Monochromes' and 'Mobility' themes, you have to share&reward the two ongoing daily posts, the one on Monday and the one on Saturday.
It is not mandatory, but I suggest you posting your picture in the comment section along with your post link that way your entry can gain more visibility. I also encourage all of you to share&reward the entries of other contestants.
Your entry photo has to be your own work. If you nominate a photo you found somewhere else (plagiarism) you will be reported, banned and blacklisted!

The number of blacklisted accounts: 15
Each winner gets


If you don't know how to use PHOTOKEN click here.

I'm looking forward to your images!

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