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A HUGE MISTAKE to Give Away Our Tomatoes?

papa-pepperPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago

So, I just gave away a BUNCH of tomatoes...

Did I just make a huge mistake? In our last video, I ended up giving away a large tray of tomatoes to a neighbor. There was just so many and we did not feel like processing any more so we decided to bless a neighbor who does not really have a garden this year with a pile of tomatoes. Was it a mistake? Did we miss out by getting rid of so many? Well... thankfully the garden does what the garden does, and just a few days later we had a similar harvest of tomatoes, and I got back to processing. Also, the children harvest some potatoes and Pinkie even gives Monster Truck a haircut!!! Enjoy the show!

A HUGE MISTAKE to Give Away Our Tomatoes? - VIDEO

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