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A few WLS cents or thousands in years ?

panksoPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 months ago2 min read


Hello everyone,

It's been a while since I've posted on whaleshares and I miss it. That said, I log in almost every day and support new creators as much as I can, and I post under my other accounts @gnayboy or @eliott.

Seeing the discussions here and on Discord I wanted to update some information. A platform like Whlaeshares takes a long time to set up for you to be recognized.

I love technology and I regularly try new projects, and I see it's the same thing every time. When a social network promises income, the profiteers are there to try to earn a few cents.

On Whaleshares it is no longer/not possible, the only way to gain commitment, love and WLS is to be present and engaged.

The human relationships I have with the members of Whaleshares are incredible, people I can count on and who are there to help and support me. And that is priceless

Get a few cents or...

I laughed a lot watching the transfers to the @ionomy exchange, people there to make money 3-4 years ago selling 10,000 WLS for 5 cents.... I hope you are happy in your life guys ;-)

I made over $4,000 with Whaleshares. How ? I participated in the project, I believe in it and it is certainly not my sale of WLS that brought me back. When someone set up a WLS/ETH pair on Uniswap, I participated = 2500$ of airdrop, and pulled away my investment lately (ETH was around 300$ when I invested, now you know...) when there were new proposals, I participated, etc...

Either you want to make a few cents or you believe in a project and in this case, the profits, human or in money, come to you. And the human connection have no numeric values, so in any case you are a winner or an asshole running after a few penny.

With many love,


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