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Walking and enjoying the kitten

pandamamaPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago

WhatsApp Image 20210126 at 12.36.07.jpeg
With my son Lee today on the promenade

WhatsApp Image 20210126 at 12.36.03.jpeg
With the kitty

Most days Lee, my son and I walk along the promenade in front of our apartment. We are not supposed to venture far from home on our walks - so this is ideal.

On route we have come across this kitten who always joins us for a short section of our walk. Day before yesterday she came and sat on my lap without any prompting and yesterday she was nowhere to be seen, I had a feeling someone had probably taken her and adopted her. I missed her.

Today however, she was there and again as I sat on the wall, she came to sit on my lap without any prompting.

photo_20210126 20.47.30.jpeg
Dark clouds today - looks like rain is on the way

photo_20210126 20.47.37.jpeg
More dark clouds

Selfishly - I really enjoyed seeing kitty again - although it would be good if someone claimed her. She has quite a character.

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