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Update on Lara - the kitten

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last month
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Time for a catch up on Eden's beautiful kitten - she has grown to 3 times the size she was when she first came home.

12th of December seems like yesterday when we brought this tiny little kitten home to Eden.
She has grown so much and stretched out she is the length of my pillow.

Yesterday we shopped for a new microwave and the box turned out to be a great new toy for her. She jumps in it and chases her tail. Jumps over it like a true show jumper and pushes it around. We have had endless fun watching her.

Zara, in the new microwave box - having the time of her life

Fully stretched out she is the length of my pillow

How gorgeous she looks when she is sleeping. Here she is sleeping on her back

Last evening a friend, Coula, came for dinner and was welcomed by Zara who claimed a position on her lap.

Coula with Zara

Selfie taken by Coula

Coula is a brilliant videographer who works with my daughter Eden. Look forward to showing you some of their work in the near future.

Hope you enjoyed the photographs - all taken with my Huawei mobile phonePandamama.png



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