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Pretty Pink Clouds

pandamamaPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago

WhatsApp Image 20201129 at 13.47.28.jpeg
Can't believe that 5 months have passed since my birthday

One of the photographs from my photoshoot photographs taken by my two sons on my birthday.

photo_20201129 13.38.38.jpeg
Pretty pink clouds

photo_20201129 13.38.47.jpeg
Building called "The One" surrounded by pink clouds

photo_20201129 13.38.55.jpeg

photo_20201129 13.39.01.jpeg
I see a unicorn in the left side of this photograph

photo_20201129 13.39.10.jpeg

We moved on the 1st December and found a place where we can stay for January and possibly February as well. Moving is very stressful.

The weather report says we will be having some rain and also snow on the Troodos mountains. Its still 20 degrees Celcius.

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