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Late night swim and bird pictures for Day 4 of the contest

pandamamaPosted for Everyone to comment on, 4 years ago2 min read

photo_2020-07-27 21.36.28.jpeg
Zara - looking as beautiful as ever

This is the new place where Zara sits and gives me a little heart attack. The window ledge is not very wide and the drop is 7 stories. I have to have some faith in her and trust that she will not fall off the ledge. I know that cats have an amazing balance, but what worries me is that she may see a bird or something to leap off for.

Speaking of birds I managed to take a few photographs of a seagull tonight.

Olga my lady in the Airbnb from Estonia and I went for our usual night swim tonight. It's still very light at 7.30pm

On our way back I managed to get some photographs of a beautiful seagull. Even managed to catch it flying off. Of course, my photographs are not like those of @keithboone - but not bad for a capture with my mobile phone.

photo_2020-07-27 21.37.04.jpeg

photo_2020-07-27 21.37.28.jpeg

I even caught it as it started to fly away.

photo_2020-07-27 21.36.53.jpeg

I also noticed a black kitten - very small and just skin and bone and I've really been worried about the poor little kitten. Tonight it wasn't there and we usually see it in the mornings and the evenings. My prayer is that someone rescued it and took the poor little mite home.

We decided to take a different route home and this is where I saw the bird. It was amazing to see how many people were in the see at night time.

photo_2020-07-27 21.37.12.jpeg
***This is in front of a four-star hotel which is on our way home.

Even though I'm writing my blog a little earlier tonight I'm feeling so tired and sadly I'm going to miss the late nite snex show. If anyone reads this blog before the show please send my love to all.

Maybe next week I can sleep a bit in the afternoon again.

Hope you enjoyed my ramblings.

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