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Chris, my flat mate and her indefinite trip to the UK

pandamamaPosted for Everyone to comment on, 4 years ago2 min read

photo_20200426 20.48.02.jpeg
*Michelle (wife of @paracat) from S Africa, Les - my daughter, Chris- my flatmate, and Niki from Australia - I recently wrote and article about her visit.

Chris left for the UK just before the lockdown took place when she went to visit her son and gorgeous grandson.

Little did we all know what was in store for us that evening - we were at a make-up demonstration.

While in Cyprus Chris was walking at least 10 000 steps a day and sometimes double that amount and luckily the weather in the UK has been kind to her and she's been able to go for lovely walks over there as well.

This morning she sent me some of her photographs (taken with her mobile phone) - quite impressive - and I asked permission to use her photographs in my blog.

WhatsApp Image 20200426 at 12.13.15.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 20200426 at 12.42.38 1.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 20200426 at 12.42.38 2.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 20200426 at 12.42.38 3.jpeg

Not sure why the images are not loading - I can only hope they'll work once posted.

Chris has, in good faith booked her return ticket now and we wit for the borders to be opened and for confirmation.

photo_20200426 20.16.31.jpeg
Before she left with Zara in her arms

Thanks Chris Canturk for your beautiful photographs in and around Worsley near where your son lives.

Hope the new weather forecast from today doesn't affect Chris too badly. She loves her walks


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