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What is Steem Factory? Look inside to find out

pairmikePosted for Everyone to comment on, 4 years ago3 min read

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The team has been thinking about how to simplify the explanation of Steem Factory. Today, I was telling a group in Discord about this project and it became apparent that this project is two different things:

  1. Steem Factory is a Token
  2. Steem Factory is a Portfolio

So, let talk about them separately.

The Token

STEEMFACTORY is a User Issued Asset (token) that is build on the Bitshares Decentralized Exchange. The purpose of this token is to reward users and projects of DPOS and EOSIO communities.

What are the DPOS and EOSIO communities? Before I tell you what those communities are, I need to define some terms.

DPOS stands for Delegated Proof of Stake and there are many projects built upon this blockchain. EOSIO is the software stack that the EOS blockchain is built upon.

Now the following are DPOS projects:

  • Steemit.com
  • Whaleshares.io
  • Weku.io
  • Scorum.com
  • Bitshares Decentralized Exchanges
    • EasyDex.net
    • Crypto-Bridge.io
    • Rudex.org
    • Gdex.io
    • Bitshares.org
    • Bitspark.io
  • Bitsharestalk.org
  • Associated Discord groups supporting these platforms

Now the following are EOSIO projects:

  • EOS.io
  • Telosfoundation.io
  • EOSTalks.io
  • Trybe.one

We also support the associated Discord groups for these platforms

The STEEMFACTORY token can be given as a reward to any user/project associated within the DPOS/EOSIO ecosystem.

The Portfolio

We have created an account called @steemfactory on the Bitshares blockchain. This account is used to hold other assets in the DPOS and EOSIO (future cross chain capability) ecosystem.

Currently there are several DPOS platforms that pay dividends on a regular basis in the form of tokens. They are:

BRIDGE.BCOToken of the Crypto-Bridge DEX
NOWCOINToken of the Nowcoin project
EASYDEX.PBToken of the EasyDex Exchange
BONDUNITToken of the BondOnBlockchain Project
OBITSToken of the OpenLedger DEX

Additionally, the portfolio may hold other tokens that we feel may have upside potential. The portfolio owns:

BTWTYA crypto index of the 20 largest cryptos by market capitalization
LUCRAToken that is used to reward posts on Steemit
BEYONDBITA reward token made by the Famous Official Fuzzy for Steemit
EOSBITAnother reward token made by Fuzzy for EOS related tasks

Additionally, the we believe in the longterm prospects of the Whaleshares platform and Whaletokens. So, the portfolio owns the following:

WLSThe Official Token of Whaleshares.io
KRAZYCOINA Whaletoken by KrazyKrista
MILKA Whaletoken by Project Milkbox Chain


We would really appreciate if you would provide feedback on our explanation above. We will continue to craft this message until we get it right. However, we need your help in doing so.

Please provide your feedback in the comments section.

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice and we do not give any recommendations. Please consult your tax attorney or your professionally licensed investment advisor. This information is offered for educational purposes only.

Do You Have a Bitshares Account?

Note: In order to receive STEEMFACTORY Tokens you must have a Bitshares DEX account. If you don't one, click here to create one.

To learn more about Steem Factory, read the White Paper


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