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Before and After Photography - #1

pairmikePosted 2 years ago for Everyone to comment on2 min read

Here is a new series of that I call 'Before and After Photography'.

Finding the Beauty

The original photographs in this series are just ordinary photos. The goal is to illustrate that something interesting can be found in almost any photo and to bring it to life by changing the focal point.

With a creative eye and the power of editing software, you can extract the beauty or highlight some unique perspective from the context of the original photograph. All you have to do is look for it and try to capture and repurpose it.

I'll display the before and after photographs of each, revealing something within the photo that gives it character or even create a new photo with a different visual meaning from its parent shot.

I hope this will inspire you to review some of your photos in your archives to discover some hidden treasures.

Let me know what you think about these photos by leaving me a comment below.




I could not resist the urge to show the black and white of the edited photo. I think it looks better than the color one. Do you agree?

Note: All photos were taken with an iPhone 6. Photo editing was performed with Google Photo filters.



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