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My Emanate October 2020 Earning Report

organduoPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago3 min read


Last September I opened my account on Emanate, a new Australian audio streaming platform which aims to reward musicians fairly, instantly and directly. The process was very simple, like on any social media platform, I had to supply my email address and create a password. Once I did this, I was able to start uploading my music. After 10 years of making music on YouTube luckily I had plenty of material to chose from.

In October, I uploaded some of more recent tracks, like:

Adagio by Alessandro Marcello

Largo by Antonio Vivaldi

Sarabande by Louis Couperin

Adagio by Tomaso Albinoni

Adagio by CPE Bach

​Aria by Christoph Willibald Gluck

It takes a few days for a track to be reviewed by the Emanate team but once it's done, it's public and you can share it with your fans. In the upload process I can specify, if I'm the only beneficiary or some other users should receive any portion of track's earnings. This is especially useful, if the piece is a collaboration, like chamber, choral, even orchestral music. Up to 50 people can split the rewards in any percentage.

Emanate is a new platform and right now there aren't many people interested in organ music or even in classical music so I had to share my tracks with my existing network on social media and email newsletter subscribers.

Screenshot 20201123 at 08.40.18.png

It's important to note that Emanate encourages genuine fan engagement and prohibits any type of play manipulation, as can be seen in their Terms and Conditions. They are constantly monitoring user activity for play manipulation and have frozen a number of users suspected of cheating.

Having interacted with the Emanate team on their Discord channel showing interest with various questions, they put me on the testing group which allows users to cash out their earnings. To do that, I had to stake some EOS tokens for CPU and NET resources and connect my EOS account with Emanate via Scatter and stake 5000 EMT tokens to be eligible for Music Lover plan. For regular users this feature will be available soon.

Screenshot 20201123 at 08.39.08.png

The way the earnings are recorded for each second the track is played is that at first I can see my earnings in native MNX tokens. One MNX token represents $0.01 USD. As the number of my MNX tokens grows over time when my tracks get listened to, I can then convert them to EMT tokens in which process they become tradable on the EOSIO blockchain.

So on October 31, I made the first conversion of my 1906.1275 MNX tokens to 3947.0514 EMT tokens. At the time they were worth $19.06 USD but today because of token price fluctuation they are worth $17.37 USD. Still not bad considering this is just the beginning.

If you would like to start uploading your music to Emanate and share it with your fans, go to https://emanate.live, and carefully read Terms and Conditions before signing up. Even though you won't see your earnings yet, every stream is recorded into their system. Once it's ready to go public, all the information will be sorted out. Note, that to start, you don't have to have an EOS account or Scatter installed. This all can be done later when you are more comfortable with the tech.

If you want to listen to my organ music on Emanate, you can find me there at https://emanate.live/vidaspinkevicius. And of course, send me your Emanate links to listen to and enjoy!

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