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The Wrong Turn

oredebbyPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago3 min read

Life lessons today has made some people if not all to realize that we cannot live in this world successfully without people, friends to be precise. Well its true that we need others around to survive and for variius reasons in life but have you thought of the fact that we jeed to seive the kinds of friends we have? Of course we need to. Let me tell you a story.

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A lady still under her parents roof has been doing everything to please her parents. Right from the schools she attended to choosing her departments in secondary school and even course in the university her parents were always responsible for the choices she made. But then as life is, it got to the stage where she needed to get married and still, the parents found someone for her but this time around, she said to herself and even her mum " It will never happen". She said she had been controlled all her life but this time, she will make her decision herself as she already had someone else whom she desired to marry.

After much persuasion and even with the command tone her parents used for her, she had to still marry the man prepared for her by her parents. Well, she had no iota of likeness for the man she married and was always cold towards this gentle husband of hers. The man in question really loved her and was ready to do anything and everything for her even if its just for her to like him a bit.

She remained cold and frustrated for a long time and never made the husband happy at all despite all he did. Now she had two friends who advised her to mingle but guess what, she mingled but took it the wrong way. One way or the other, she got in contact with another man who made love to her only for her to find out that the man was HIV positive. What???? Yea it happened. She contacted this deadly disease and regretted ever trying such.

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She cried and cried and begged for her husband's forgiveness, the same husband who had been showing her love all the while but she threw it all in the bin. Alas, it was a very wrong choice she made by mingling. Her friends who advised her didnt accept her into theur house, her mother too didn't and even her husband started his own cold response and made her feel invinsible. Well who wouldn't? What if it were you? Learn from other people's mistakes and make sure you live a positive and lifestyle.

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