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My beautiful evil butterfly

openofficelast month2 min read

This is an original from @openoffice.

This poem is about a guy who can't love a really beautiful girl,because of her evil nature.
P.s please don't be convinced by the beauty alone, look within.

My beautiful evil butterfly,
in her lovely disguise,her fake smiles
and her mesmerising eyes,but i can see through her lies,i can tell her every desires,no matter how hard she tries,in my hands her secrets ever lies,in as much my love for her dies,a day i would tell it to another would never materialize.

My beautiful evil butterfly,in you does my serenity lie,and that i do not deny,but to you i would never testify,but my heart i would rather fortify, regardless of how much your beauty intensifies.

My beautiful evil butterfly,ding dong,your alluring song keeps my heart ringing on,and the harder i try the more the song tends prolong,and when it feels to strong i remind myself of what evil your heart belongs,and keep going headstrong knowing that for me,you are all wrong.

My beautiful evil butterfly,though your beauty sparkles in the dark like fireworks lighting with its spark,even this isn't enough to hide your evil nature as it stands out like a landmark and isn't easily hidden as a birthmark.

My beautiful evil butterfly,forever sly,i have learnt your little tricks and heard your alibi and have decided on you,i can not rely and in me you can find no ally.


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