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Welcome To Spurs, Ivan - Mixed Feelings.

olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 months ago5 min read


My admiration for this guy grew during his time with Inter Milan and I have seen what he can do with Croatia national team as well. I have seen reports of the excitement in the camp of the Spurs fans to have secured the services of this pacey winger. I've read a lot of comments too as to how they are optimistic and how he would inject life into their attack.

I have no doubt regarding his obvious talent and I've always wanted him in the English Premier League ever since Jose Mourinho wanted him 3 years ago, I think at Manchester United. The board kicked against it because they felt he was old; at 30 years of age and I must say that it was laughable at that time. Manchester United got Robin Van Persie at what age? They got Alexis Sanchez at what age? I was really angry back then when they denied Jose Mourinho this signing because we desperately needed a pacey winger that time... someone with character and a risk-taker.

Ivan Perisic is a risk-taker. He is not afraid to take players on, whether it worked or not and that's why I liked him. It was the same thing Ferguson told his team in his final season in charge which Robin Van Persie later explained. He said Sir Alex Ferguson said the game was boring and it lacked excitement. He asked them to try a dribble, play a long-range shot and try to take risks. He said he didn't care whether they failed at it or not. This is why I fancy Ivan Perisic so much too.

I just watched his interview after signing for Spurs and you could listen to a player who is confident, energetic and with readiness to play for the shirt. At 33 years of age, playing for another top side, especially in the Premier League, says a lot about his undoubted talents.

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Tottenham got their man and they are already preparing for life in the Champions League. Antonio Conte knows his man and that's why he brought him in so they can rely on his wealth of experience at the right time when they needed that extra bite, that risk...to win a game. I can imagine how devastating they would be with Perisic on the left, Kulusevski (if they retain him) or Bergwijn on the right and Kane and Son up front. All they needed is a sitting midfielder and an attacking playing behind Kane and Son. Exciting times are here for Spurs again.

Why I admire the intelligence to bring Perisic to Spurs is because we have seen over the course of the recently concluded season that the moment Son and Kane are out of the game or their forms took a dip, Tottenham struggles but with a player like Perisic and his wealth of experience, I do not doubt that he can bring others into play.

Of course, there would always be concerns regarding his age and that's why I said I had mixed feelings. He has played a better part of his game in Italy and he should be mentally ready and tough for the Premier League but his age and ability to do it in one of the toughest leagues in the world is a major concern. I don't doubt his abilities but the Premier League is faster than he is used to and I am sure he would have known with his time playing against Premier League oppositions in the Champions League but at the age of 33, would he be able to do it week in and week out?

I believe he can adapt nicely and it's left for Antonio Conte to know how best to manage his man and deploy him when it's necessary. There is still Lucas Moura, Bergwijn and hopefully, Kulusevski, so they have an abundance of talents that can be rotated when called upon to give him the necessary time to recover before the games he would be called upon, either as a starter or as a substitute.

I know Tottenham recruited him due to his wealth of experience and they need that in this Tottenham side. He is not a lazy player. He is a top professional, so I know he would add value to the team. Tottenham needs more hands on deck to cope with their European commitments as well as League challenge and domestic cups. They are preparing already and this should get the fans excited.

Another mixed feeling might be, would Kane stay on? Was that the reason they got Perisic so Son can move more central since Kane is moving on? Are we seeing a new attack next season? We would have to wait and see but Antonio Conte is being backed which is good to see. They should equip him with the necessary firepower so we can see what he can do with his team.

Leaving all speculations aside, we would have to wait and see how things go but until then, Welcome to Tottenham Hotspur, Ivan Perisic. Never lose a game to Arsenal hahaha I am sure they would have been hammering that into his ears already.

Thank you for your time.

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