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[WE108] - Weekend at G-Dog.

olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, last month5 min read


You're invited to my house for a weekend and can invite a few others but you have to arrange the food, topics of discussion and entertainment...Who are they, what do you plan, what will we be talking about and why?

What a day this is. It's a dream come through to finally get that open invitation to visit G-Dog in Australia. I've been dreaming about it and finally, I am getting ready to get my tickets because I have a plane to catch.

I have amazing people that I would love to take with me on this trip. I would take Adunni, Princess Busayo and Uchechi along with me on this trip to G-Dog's house. Oh, you will know why I am taking them along too apart from the fact that they are amazing humans and fun to be around too.

Food would be sorted out by me and I am excited about that. Why, you asked? Because I want to introduce G-Dog to the amazing delicacies that we have here in Nigeria. I would come with a lot of ingredients and with Adunni and Uchechi you can be very sure that you would be treated to any kind of delicacy you desire. If you want it spicy and hot, say no more and if you want it mild, they both got you covered too.

Adunni is from my tribe and she would do justice to prepare you all the delicacies from my native side and Uchechi is from the Eastern part even though she has already blended with us hahaha but I would trust her to give you the Eastern delicacies because I am always of the opinion that they have a variety of food more than us. Combining these two amazing magic fingers together, we have no issues with food because they enjoy cooking so much. They are fun to be around too, so you can rest assured that we are all going to have fun. Don't worry, I would tell you where Princess Busayo fits in later on.

What are we going to be discussing? For one, we would talk about the variety of food we have to spike up your interest to know the kind of food you would want to be prepared for you. We would also talk a lot about guns. I've always been afraid of guns because of the trigger-happy cops we have here but reading your posts, you made me understand another angle on guns. Guns don't shoot themselves, humans do. I want to learn about guns, listen with intent how you couple them together, how you make your own bullets and how to load, dissemble and assemble those guns. I want to know the different kinds of guns we have too and I want to hold them up close.


Another thing we would do would be to play Monopoly. I've always loved that game and I played it a lot while growing up. I am not vast with Chess and if you are so good at it, maybe you can teach me as well. I am sure they would all be interested too because these amazing three people are so curious and they love to learn about new things of interest. I know the entertainment would never be one-sided because I seem to have a lot of interests in common with these lovely people.

Apart from the games, I want an outdoor sport too. I want to visit your hunting ground. I want to have a shot at the deer if I am permitted and if not, I just want to see the hiking ground, the places you work your guns and have a go myself. This is where Princess also comes in...because she loves walking around too much and she would love this hiking a lot hahaha.

The visit would be about showcasing our culture with foods to G-Dog while also experiencing a peep at the daily life of G-Dog with the guns, beautiful scenery and hiking.

Friday would be for anything that has to do with the foods while we catch up, laugh, talk about Hive and show you some dance steps to Nigerian songs. These three are amazing dancers too and they would show you the moves you can easily learn from. We would learn about the guns I talked about in preparation for Saturday's hunting.

Saturday we would play Monopoly, learn about Chess, and eat again, of course, while later in the day we would do the hiking, and hunt for sports while exploring the beautiful scenery. We would do trivia games too and also pair up while we play Charades - a guessing game where we gesture and guess.

Sunday would be departure but we would leave you with bowls of various soups and food that you can eat after we are gone so it would look like we never left, at least for 2 weeks. I am coming prepared and it would be a weekend of fun.




Thank you for your time.

My pen doesn't bleed, it speaks, with speed and ease.

Still me,

My tongue is like the pen of a ready writer.

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