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VAR Issue: Chelsea's Fight Back with Bayern's Ship Submerged.

olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, 4 months ago4 min read


I was discussing with a friend yesterday before the game and he asked for my opinion. I told him that Chelsea would win but they might not qualify even though it's a tricky tie. I must say that Chelsea impressed me even more on the night and they went out with their heads held high. Not often do you come to the Bernabeu and then dominate Real Madrid as they did. I don't know what went wrong with Real Madrid but the game against PSG too, they were terrible at home before they turned the game around for the second leg.

Chelsea battled really hard after scoring 3 times at the home ground of Real Madrid. It was a pacy start between the two sides and Real Madrid settled quickly and so well until Chelsea started pressing so high to force Real Madrid into errors. Mason Mount gave Chelsea the early lead which was always going to be a problem especially when a team that is trailing scores that early.

Chelsea dominated proceedings and they made Real Madrid look so ordinary. Chelsea went 3 goals up, thanks to Mason Mount, Rudiger and a clever goal from Timo Werner. I don't know why they had to cancel Alonso's goal before Timo Werner scored because I've seen VAR given this same goal, if not worse ones this season especially when Manchester United played against Middlesbrough. The scorer clearly used his hand to get the ball under control but this one wasn't the entire case for Alonso and yet, they ruled the goal for offside.

I don't know but VAR's inconsistencies have ruined a lot of games for many teams this season and Chelsea would feel hard done by with that decision because they could have been clearly out of sight before Real Madrid for their two goals from Rodrygo and Karim Benzema.

Benzema is a big-time player and he has proved his worth for Real Madrid again this season. His connection with Vinicius Jr is pivotal because Vinicius handed the perfect cross for Benzema on a platter and he did the rest. Benzema has gotten 38 goals for Real Madrid this season in all competitions and 12 of those came from the UEFA Champions League.

Bayern Munich v Villareal.

And the Yellow Submarines are not looking back and what a remarkable job Unai Emery is doing with Villareal. He won their first-ever trophy in their years of existence for them when they beat Manchester United in the Europa League final. They have been on a remarkable run to be called the giant slayers after defeating Juventus sensationally and now, they have knocked out Bayern Munich with all their wealth of experience in the competition.

Villarreal played the game to perfection after holding a 1-0 first-leg lead and they went to the Bavarian's home with a solid backline that restricted Bayern Munich with no single shot on target in the first half of the second leg. Bayern Munich played horribly in the first half as Villareal kept them out. I knew it would be trouble for Bayern Munich because they should have found the early goal in the first leg and Villareal knew this too which was why they frustrated them further.

The huge relief came for Bayern Munich when Lewandowski found little space to unleash his shot as he scored his 86th career UEFA Champions League goal and the 13th in the current campaign to make him the top scorer.

Villarreal knew they had to score and they didn't want to drag the game to extra time as it looked like it was going to extra time. Substitute, Chukwueze found the back of the net after a brilliant counterattack. Bayern were left hung to dry and they couldn't battle their way in. Bayern Munich were on the ship with Villarreal but they drowned while Villareal kept on sailing. What a remarkable season it has been for Villarreal in the Champions League.

Chelsea got dumped out despite their valiant effort and Bayern Munich got dumped out too by the impressive Villareal. That one has got to sting more for Bayern Munich.

Thank you for your time.

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