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Unlucky Werner Finally Justified.

olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, 4 months ago4 min read


If there is one thing that has summed up Timo Werner's Chelsea career, personally I would say "unlucky". I've never seen a player give his all for the team, drift wide, run behind the defence, play his heart out and still find it hard to find the back of the net. He would do everything right and still not find the back of the net. I was beginning to think the goalposts don't like him because he has only managed just a goal this season for Chelsea.

He managed to justify himself even though he still struck the post thrice in the process of getting his brace. Mason Mount also got his brace before Alonso opened the scoring and Havertz rounded off the 6 goals demolition of Southampton. It was a horrible day for Southampton and they won't look back on this game fondly.

Chelsea knew they had to step up their game as the season is running down. With back to back home defeats to Brentford and Real Madrid, they needed to shake off that losing mentality and lack of confidence which they did in style. Southampton had no response and it would have been more if not for tiny details.

Timo Werner would be happy but he should have walked away with a hat-trick at least in this game. I like his work rate, I love his attitude whenever he is called upon but he just struggles to find the back of the net. Another thing I fancy about him is the ability to play with others. He knows how to bring others into play and pick out players.

Timo Werner's two goals Justified his inclusion despite his struggles in front of the goal. I am sure Thomas Tuchel used him due to his ability to create chances. It hasn't been the best week for Chelsea fans and players and this is how you bounce back. This is how you make a statement and tell Real Madrid that they won't shy in front of the goal for the second leg. They needed this win as a confidence boost and also to maintain their number 3 spot. With others gaining grounds, they cannot afford to keep dropping points so they won't get dragged into the top 4 fight.

Every team would be giving their all to get points and end the season at a respectable position which is why I think this victory over Southampton would do Chelsea a world of good more than people can know. They have Real Madrid next for the second leg of the Champions League and if they win, it would help their confidence till the end of the season because we know how good Chelsea can be on their days but a loss would deflate them and won't make their remaining games till the end of the season any easier.

They still have to play; Crystal Palace; the giant-slaying, point snatching Patrick Vieira's men, Arsenal; another rival to the top 4, West Ham; another contender... possibly and if not, they want to at least qualify for Europa League comfortably, Everton; we don't know which position they would be in there but Lampard would kill to have one over his former team and experience the same feeling he had after defeating Manchester United, Wolverhampton Wanderers; Wolves are tricky and dangerous, Leeds United; another quality team even though it hasn't quite worked out for them this season, Manchester United; another unreliable team which we don't know how they would turn up but Chelsea should win this comfortably, Leicester City; another team with a mixed season but they have the quality to hurt Chelsea and lastly, Watford; last game of the season for Chelsea and where they are would determine this game. I feel Chelsea would win but if Watford hasn't been confined to relegation and this game would help them, it would be a different game for Chelsea.

I'm happy Timo Werner got on the score sheet and Chelsea has lifted their moods ahead of Real Madrid. It's going to be a difficult encounter and that's how I like it.

Thank you for your time.

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