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This or That? - Get To Know Me.

olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 months ago6 min read

I can't remember where I saw this but I saved the image and decided to jump in on this one. I did something similar to this many weeks ago, I guess but not as detailed as this because there are so many additions to this one and I love this. Let's get down to brass tacks.


City or Beach?

As much as I love the city, there is nothing more refreshing than spending time out on the beach. I am always a huge fan of nature and I would give anything to be drawn or close to it. I would prefer the beach anytime and any day. I've been there more than twice or so in as many months as possible. There has never been a regret there.


Sweet or Savoury?

I used to like sweet things while growing up and I have since moved on from sweet things. I prefer savoury not just now but even back then. I always love my food being spicy. I grew up eating spicy meals and they say it's my tribe thing. I can remember when I visited my cousins and their mother made a peppery stew by mistake. She was so worried it was too peppery that I won't be able to eat it. I finished eating the meal and she asked me repeatedly if I was fine. They were all stunned when I told them it wasn't peppery enough even though my cousins were busy gulping down water with every bite.

Cat or Dog?

I am a huge fan of dogs. When I finally buy my own house or build one, I would have a lot of dogs in there. I would have different breeds too. Where I came from, cats are frowned at. Not by all people though but they believed that cats can be a fetish. It's a sign that evil is coming hahahaha but as I grew older I stopped believing that lie because cats are just cats; fluffy, smart and cuddly...but I've always loved dogs so I would pick my dogs.

Adventure or Comfort?

Adventure is fun I have to admit. I've seen quite a lot of people go on this spree and I want in. I've always lived in comfort all my life. I want things with ease. I don't like stress. I just want things in the corner of my home without stretching myself. I want to go against my natural self on this one and choose adventure. I want to explore, see the world and do things differently from my natural self.

Books or Movies.

This is a tough one. Both of them have their places and even when movies are made from books, sometimes they don't capture the whole essence of the power of words. I can't seem to choose between these two even though I've been lazy with books lately but I know the importance and value it carries. I want both on this one.

Nights in or Nights out?

From my explanation of adventure and comfort, you can deduce the kind of person I am already. I would prefer nights in on this one. I am not much of an outgoing type. I go out only when it's necessary but I've always loved being home. I don't fancy night-outs. I don't like staying too late outside either, once it is 6 pm or max 7 pm, I want to be home.

Summer or Winter?

I prefer the winter. I love cold weather. I don't mind bathing with warm water or having a warm shower or using the heater or even wearing too many outfits just to keep warm. I just love everywhere being cool or cold... There is this freshness it gives my face without sweating. If I want to sweat it out because I know sweating is good, my warm clothes and warm bath would do that for me and my pores.

Tea or Coffee?

I used to love taking tea while growing up and for some weird reasons I don't fancy tea any longer. I feel like puking when I take it and the taste has never been the same for a very long time. Growing up too, I've always believed coffees are for adults and never tried it. I tried it a few times when I got older but still, not my thing. I've taken some recently, added milk to it and all but I take it occasionally. I prefer to take ginger drinks instead. I won't be able to convincingly pick any from this.

Early Bird or Night Owl?

I know a lot of people would answer this one for me because I stay up late, in fact too late. I would say night owl on this. I prefer working, writing and doing things when everything is pitch dark and quiet. Inspiration flows differently at that time and I don't see myself sleeping early.

Pizza or Pasta?

With my last experience with Pasta that was creamy, I don't think I want to ever try that again. I love Pasta but I want the spicy ones and not the creamy ones. I would go with Pizza this time around but I don't think Pizza is what they are serving us in Nigeria.

Europe or Asia?

Never been to both but it would be an awesome experience to explore both. With a lot of things I've heard about both, I don't think any of them is a bad choice but for the sake of making a choice, I want to explore Europe first.

Spring or Autumn?

I picked winter earlier and spring comes before summer while autumn comes after summer. I love the cool atmosphere and I would pick autumn.

Breakfast or Dinner?

I have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but since I sleep late and wake up late also, breakfast is not in the offing for me. I would pick dinner.

This post also appeared here and it's my original work on my blog on Read.Cash.

Thank you for your time.

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