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This Is What Fun Is To Me.

olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago5 min read

I've been in Lagos for a while now and I've always been the type that plays it safe. I don't want to go out. I just try to catch fun in my own little space. I got to know that fun can be adventurous as well. It can mean stepping out of your comfort zone just to have a glimpse of what life can be. Life is many things. Life is fun too and we need to infuse a little bit of fun into the things we do so we won't take life too seriously.


Someone once said we shouldn't take life too seriously because we won't get out of it alive. It doesn't mean we shouldn't do what we are supposed to do, it only means we can loosen up a bit because having fun is also about staying alive while being healthy.

I read this quote many years ago and it gave me a lot of perspectives. It says: "There was a man who never laughed or played. He never danced, he never sang or prayed. One day, he died and his insurance was denied because they claimed he never really lived, so he never really died." Having fun is to live... We are living when we stay alive with fun here and there. Balance is needed in everything so we can't be all about work and not infuse some fun into our lives.

This is why studying the life of children looks so appealing. They have no worries, they have no fear. They just want to live, laugh, dance and play around. They want to live while living because most people live but they are not living as described by the quote I shared above. That man played it safe and he forgot that having fun is part of life...risking fun is worth the risk too.

That got into my head and despite my introverted nature, I decided to go out once in a while to have fun. It doesn't have to be what I should do but it's what I need to do. If you live in Lagos, Nigeria, then you will understand that if you are not careful you will break down. Having fun is to relax your body, make light of the pressure you are facing daily and connect with nature and other well-meaning individuals. Having fun is to remind us of living because we sometimes forget it in our pursuit of money to make ends meet.

So, how did I have fun and how do I intend to have fun?

Apart from my indoor activities; games, movies, dancing with my baby, catching up with friends on video calls and chats etc... I decided to step out of my comfort zone and 'risk' it and I must tell you it was worth the fun. Sometimes having fun is like a speed bump which is to remind us to slow down a little when we are going through life at full throttle.

I went to a recreational center called "Upbeat" and I had so much fun there. I did bouldering where I have to climb the wall. I enjoyed that one because it was quite challenging. It's easier for you to climb but it's more challenging when you want to jump back to the floor. You won't know how scared you are of height until you get to the end of it and you have to come down.




I also enjoyed the Trampoline even though this one gave me backache but I don't mind hahaha. I had fun jumping while trying to jump as far as I could. It's about maintaining your balance just as we have with life. You can learn about life more when you have fun. I tried to maintain my balance while jumping so I wouldn't have to fall off and injure myself. It's the same with life...when we fail to strike a balance and do something to the extreme, we would end up getting hurt.




I also had fun at the beach while being close to nature. There is no fun as having fun with nature. Having the water wash up to your feet can be so refreshing. Having the cool breeze blow you while watching people dive into the water can also be fun. You will pause for a moment and ask yourself if these people have nothing that bothers them but you will soon understand that we all have things that bother us, we just lay them aside because we can't keep allowing life to pass us by and that's what it means to have fun.




Reading old-man-chu58's post is an eye-opener about what life should be about...the little fun we have here and there can add up to give meaning to our lives and this is what struck me the most in all he said:

Don’t worry about life because it takes you where ever it wants you. Enjoying eating, but I also recommend exercising like bike riding. Again hanging out with the family had delicious gorditas for breakfast. Enjoyed some live music.

Have fun. Listen to music. Sing with your voice and feel alive even if you are bad at it. Do what you wouldn't normally do...as long as it's anything that makes you laugh, happy and alive.

Thank you for your time.

My pen doesn't bleed, it speaks, with speed and ease.

Still me,

My tongue is like the pen of a ready writer.

Olawalium; (Love's chemical content, in human form). Take a dose today: doctor's order.

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