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The Struggles Behind Your Dream.

olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 months ago4 min read


You have a dream for your life and God also have a dream for your life. We need to chase after God's dream. Never forget that past achievements is tomorrow's mediocrity. Whatever 2023 gave you, always believe you can achieve so much more in 2024 and with that in mind, just know that God wants the best for you in 2024 and with that mindset, it opens you up to see possibilities.

Most of us have great dreams but we don't pursue it. Insecurities and fears ruled us out from pursuing it. We are scared of failing and sometimes of being criticized. There is no dream without a struggle. The bigger the dream, the bigger the struggles. Nothing good comes easy. If dreams were to be so easy to achieve within a snap of the finger, then everyone would go after it. There is a price to pay after every dream and until you pay the price or put in the work, there is no dream that can be achieved.

You often wonder why God allows us to go through struggles to achieve the dreams He has dropped in our hearts. We need to know dream achievement is a process. God is more interested in who we become than what we achieve. God is more interested in shaping our character which helps us to know how to handle the success that would come from the dream.

Sometimes we haven't reached the maturity stage to handle certain dreams placed in our hearts by God and this is why we need struggles sometimes to build our strength and character. When challenges come, that's not when to abandon God. That's not when we need to run off chasing the world thinking God has abandoned us. Someone once said that if God can allow it, He can use it. All things work together for your good.

When you look at the life of Jacob, his life was filled with struggles all through...right from the womb till adulthood when he still wrestled with God. We also face our fair share of wrestling and struggles. When we find it difficult to obey God's Word, it is also a struggle which we need to fight so we can be open to what God wants to do for us.

Sometimes it takes a difficult situation for us to change. When we see the heat that's when we sometimes change. When certain people have it easy or see the light, they have reasons to relax. See challenges as a means to build you up.

Crisis Phase:

God sometimes uses crisis to get our attention. Jacob wrestled with God. God was trying to get him ready for what lies ahead. It is in shaping our character can we move in the direction God wants us to. Some people have identity crisis, character crisis and some things that need to be dealt with and without dealing with them, we might lose out on that big dream God has placed in our hearts.

Commitment Phase:

Irrespective of what you go through, you need to show commitment to the things of God. It doesn't have to be only when it is easy. God won't forsake you. God is committed to you but are you? God is faithful and would always keep His part but would you? Can you? There are tests we need to pass to advance to the next level. We sometimes give up or throw caution to the wind when we are very close to the edge of our breakthrough. When things get so intense that we have that thought of quitting...we need to be careful because that intensity increases especially when we are so close to our breakthrough. Keep going...you are very close to that finish line.

Confession Phase:

God knows what you want and He wants you to speak it forth. God knows Jacob's name and yet He still asked him, "What's your name?". What you profess becomes your reality. What are you calling yourself? What do you say to yourself? Jabez turned his life around by confessing what he wanted. What are you saying? What are you speaking? There is life in your words and if you don't speak it, how do you manifest it?

Thank you for your time.

My pen doesn't bleed, it speaks, with speed and ease.

Still me,

My tongue is like the pen of a ready writer.

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