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olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 months ago6 min read


Don't Give Up.

Don’t give up because life is about growing up
When life happens, you are expected to be showing up
The things we go through in life is about shaping us
The strong battle is left for the stronger soldier, you know?
Life doesn’t come with a manual or with any instruction
You can’t afford to throw in the towel or show the white flag
Life has dealt many with heavy blows, even I know this
I felt I was outdone by life with many occurrences
But I got to the point where I know it is my choice to stay up
Life will want to pull you down, even fellow humans too
Everyone will want to get under your skin at one point too
But it is entirely your choice and decision how you respond
A lot of people have gone under when life dealt its blow
We often times allow life to take away our shine and our glow
I hope you are getting my drift and message with my flow?
Never give up even if you are at your wits end in life
We grow up and grow strong with the challenges that face us

It's Still Life.


We all have our fair share of things in this life
We might think we have seen the worst of things
But that changes when we hear what others go through
Life deal with everyone differently and in various ways
We need to grow a thicker skin and then understand life happens
He got married so early and yet he waited so long for a child
He got married quite late and then he didn’t wait to have one
She graduated with the best honours and yet still struggle for work
She got did okay in school and then she got lucky with her offers
Life deals with us differently; different strokes for different folks
We need to see the best in what life throws at us sometimes
It is our character and strength that will shine through it all
Never forget who you are and I know it is not easy not to focus on the pain
But what other choice do we have when life happens to everyone?
We need to show our strength of character as life deals differently with everyone

Both Ways.


I have loved many and then lost many
Life is about additions and subtractions
People come into your life and people leave
And then you meet new people along the way
That is life; we meet and then we leave
I have seen those who came like a storm
And stayed with me like a cool breeze
I have seen people come into my life quietly
And then stormed out like the hailstorm
People come, people leave and then life goes on
Never forget to hold on to what is important to you
Your peace is important and a change in perspective
When you understand nothing lasts forever
It might help you to handle things way better
I have seen betrayals and I have seen loyalty
I have experienced love so deep, and also deep hurt
Life stops for no one due to how we feel or see things
Life moves on, and we should do well and move on too



You came close and I saw you with a heavy heart
Come closer to me, you don’t have to bear it alone
We do live and learn as we grow on this earth
I won’t let you come to nothing, with my embrace
I could see on your face how tears formed their trace
Your heart is heavy but here, you have my shoulder
I would watch you cry while assuring you things will be fine
To ease your worries and the burdens, with you I will dine
I want to remind you what it means to be happy once again
I can see your tears flowing incessantly with broken eyes
If I could rip open your heart, I would see the aches within
I am not here to tell you not to cry or act insensitive to your pains
But I want you to know I will be with you every step of the way
After the storm, comes the ease; so expect more of the rains
The rain to wash away your tears and give you joy from within
The rain that ushers in freshness with good sensational vibes
I will be with you in every moment of the way, come closer

Just Like Yesterday...


It's a year already and it's hard to forget your influence
Even as tears filled many eyes I still don't want to cry the substance
It's hard to come to terms with your demise
It hits everyone so hard and it's one unpleasant surprise
I didn't want to say goodbye because I don't want to believe you are gone
Oh... You touched most hearts, see how hearts are torn
A thousand words to console still won't break through this heavy heart
With eyes filled with tears, I wish they are enough to bring you back to earth
I would say, "No more tears" because you didn't die, you simply made a transition
This is you leaving the familiar behind to embrace another location
We don't want it but what can we do to change this situation?
Your smile and kind words broke through, regardless of the duration
I feel your sojourn here was short but your impact will outlive your existence
It's hard to say goodbye knowing that's the end of the chapter
But alive you are in many hearts, including mine
Your words replay in my head...polished after the similitude of the gold
Constantly refiring and always revered... precious and priceless
Rest on...heaven just recalled another angel home, no tears

We called this man "Baba Ijo" meaning Father of the Church and that's owing to how committed he was to Church and the things of Christ. There was no one he can't speak to or with and he was always calm. A wise man, full of insight and spirit. I loved his foresight and how he was every ready to help just anyone. A treasure slipped off the hand of the earth... Heaven's gain... No tears.

Thank you for your time.

My pen doesn't bleed, it speaks, with speed and ease.

Still me,

My tongue is like the pen of a ready writer.

Olawalium; (Love's chemical content, in human form). Take a dose today: doctor's order.

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