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The Exodus Is Here.

olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 months ago5 min read


Gradually, some players are leaving Manchester United to reduce the unnecessary numbers they have within their rank. I am sure the players already know they have to leave on their terms while I am sure that the coach would also tell some other players to leave if they are not in his plans. The massive exodus is here and this is when the new coach would start bringing in his kind of players or building his type of team.

Juan Mata.

I've always been an admirer of Juan Mata. This guy is a professional to the core and I've never heard him whine or say anything bad in the press. If for anything, he is always quick to take responsibility for any bad result and I used to read his blog back then. He didn't play so much this season but he remained a professional through and through. Age isn't on his side but still, there is this glam and exquisite touch to him when he handles the ball. Left to me, I didn't want him to go because a lot of players need to learn about professionalism from him and I feel he would have been vital in cup games too since he knows being a regular starter can't be for him. I will miss the good Juan Mata but let's face it, there is a need for a massive clearout.

Paul Pogba.

I see him more as a fashion guy than a footballer. If I am being honest, this guy didn't leave up to his expectations at all and enough of everyone trying to make excuses for him. He struggled with the faster pace of the Premier League because he is the type of player that loves to take time on the ball sometimes. I have lost count on the number of times he was caught on the ball due to sluggishness.

I would never doubt his talent. If you ask me on a scale of 1-10 how talented I think Paul Pogba is, I would say 7...but if you asked me to rate his Manchester United career I would be fair and give him a 5. He was average at best because, for every good game he had, he couldn't sustain that tempo for long.

He has also left Manchester United and there have been rumours that he would be going back to Juventus. That seems to be like an easy option for him though. It would be nice to see what he can do in the Real Madrid colours but I doubt he would go there. It's obvious Paul Pogba isn't good with pressure and back to Turin would be ideal for him where he can show off and fool every one of how good he is. He is good but he lacked the urgency and hard work to back it up.

Jesse Lingard.

I'm sorry but I've never been much of his fan and I am glad he has left too. He gave us wonderful moments at Wembley, no doubt but I am naturally angry when people forget that he is getting older and they judge him based on his face. I can remember when he was 26 years old, so many people were saying he still has time and he will improve as if he is a 22-year-old. He lacked professionalism and I doubt his maturity on every front. He is talented and good too but when a player isn't serious, it's hard for them to develop.

He had such a remarkable season with West Ham and he proved a point there but his lack of risk and foresight made him go back to Manchester United. I was angry to see him go back when he could have built up his momentum. It's obvious he just lacked the push to push himself harder. He gave one good season and poof! He went back to his comfort zone at Manchester United.

Three players left already and Edison Cavani would certainly go as well if he hasn't. I love Cavani but Manchester United didn't get the best from him due to his injury. He loves United too which was why he extended his stay to last season. It turned out to be a nightmare and as much as I would love to have him come off the bench, if he is not in the plans of the new coach, there is no point in keeping him. I want to see the likes of Jones leave as well... Matic is going as well, I think.

There are a lot of players to leave in the summer and I am excited about the mass exodus so we can know how to start this rebuilding process because it won't be pretty and it's going to be a painful one but let's hope with some good moments in between. I am not even expecting a Premier League push but a top 4 would be nice and at least a domestic title. I'm not sure about how far they can go in Europa League but...fingers are crossed.

Thank you for your time.

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