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That's Who You Are.

olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, 4 months ago6 min read

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Life is all about a road to self-discovery and it takes some a long time to discover who they are. It's a journey of daily and constant effort as we keep finding out about our strengths and weaknesses. For some, they don't even know the extent to which they can go and for others, they know and they just don't care.

Humans are so tricky and someone once said that we need to be careful about those who promised that their love would be longer than the summer because indeed, nothing lasts forever no matter how it feels today. You won't always feel young, you won't always have that energy and whatever you do with that body and your energy now would definitely tell later. Some have the chance to change their ways but for some, it might just be too late.

We are all a work in progress but it's funny how some people are not making efforts to be better in any way. Their words are as slick as the oil but those words cannot be trusted because they are as slippery as the catfish. Even when you think you have a stronger grip, they just slip right out and no one can help them unless they make the effort to help themselves.

Most people are not improving because they are not even honest with themselves. They think they are deceiving others but the joke is on them because they are deceiving themselves and it's a matter of time before things blow up in their faces and all the people they thought cared about them would leave and those who they didn't know can be there for them might be the ones to show up for them.

Nothing is as it seems and not all that glitters is gold. I've seen situations where a lady feels she has all the time in the world and she keeps doing all the things she likes. She feels she is smart but then she caused more damage to herself than she anticipated. I've seen situations where a guy thought he has things under control and the whole thing messed him up. Life is about taking cautions but most people have thrown caution to the wind and that's why they can't improve.

Time is going and there is no need to deceive ourselves about the truth. Who are you when no one is looking? What you did when no one is looking, that's who you are. You can deceive others with words, lie till the end of the earth, cut corners to cover up your lies but the truth is, it won't change who you are. The things you did, that's who you are but the good thing is, it doesn't have to be who you will become.

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The struggle most people have with self-improvement is because they don't love themselves enough. They don't love themselves enough to tell themselves the truth, accept the truth and subject themselves to being better. Most people who make mistakes feel comfortable with their mistakes. They think since they are already in it, it doesn't matter anymore and they continue with that mistake till it becomes a habit they cannot shake off. They feel since they are already in a hole, rather than channel their efforts to step out of it, they sink deeper because they lacked the determination to be better.

Life is about discipline and there is no habit you can't get over if only you will subject yourself to a painful level of discipline. I still feel no one is a lost cause but it's about having the needed courage to do things better. The more I get to know some humans, the more I get to admire the dogs - that's a popular quote from someone and that's to show how uncertain humans can be because most people are not loyal, they are always in it for the things they can get.

If you want to improve and be better for it, you need discipline and you have to throw away your desire to always do things your way. Discipline is to have a voice of reason, have your actions checked and weigh the consequences of your actions even before you take that leap. Many people want to eat their cake and have it but time doesn't wait for any man and the more you stall on being better, the more time counts against you. The more time counts against you, the harder it becomes to get out of that hole.

You know who you are better than anyone. You can live a life of deceit, you can deceive people for as long as you wish but it doesn't change who you are. I know who you are by the actions you do when no one is looking and it finally comes to light. There is a difference between desiring to be better and actually taking the steps to be better. For some, they take one step forward and then several miles backwards. They keep convincing themselves that they are getting better but they are only focused on their desires and not the backwards steps they are taking.

Lack of effort would always make people stay where they are or get worse. I might not know who my grandfather was but I want to be intentional about who his grandson would be. No one can make your life better but you. Some people are incapable of growth because they are not willing to take the steps to be better. Who are you? Take a moment to reflect on your life and the things you desire for your life. There is no excuse for how you are because, in as much as we can't control what the past held, we have the power to control how we want the future to be. We all make mistakes but don't always respond with excuses.

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