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Spurs Restricted.

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West Ham hosted Tottenham after their exploit in Europe this season, they have been sensational winning all their games in Europa League while Tottenham have had a mixed season so far even though a win against West Ham would have taken them into the top 4 but it was West Ham who got the better of them and nicked the top 4 at their expense.

It was an exciting game from West Ham who restricted Tottenham on all levels even though Tottenham showed flashes of their brilliance and it wasn't enough as Antonio scored the goal to condemn Tottenham to a defeat.

West Ham dominated the early exchanges as they restricted Tottenham in every department. In the 8th minute, Bowen found Fornals inside the box and his half acrobatic effort was parried away by Hugo Lloris. Fornals wasn't done and in the 18th minute he had another chance at the edge of the box as he struck the ball, not cleanly though and the ball flew past the post. Antonio did all the work on the side to hold on to the ball and displace his marker. His ball in was blocked by Eric Dier and it came to Fornals but his shot didn't match the brilliance of the moment.

Tottenham despite being restricted, they had a chance of theirs in the 20th minute after Son held on to the ball so well and managed to get the ball to Lucas Moura. Lucas opted to go for the shot himself rather than poke a pass to Son and the ball went over the bar which left Son a little bit disappointed as expected. Son soon later had a chance in the 24tj minute but his shot was tame and couldn't beat the goalkeeper.

West Ham continued their dominance as Fornals delivered a lovely cross into the box in the 34th minute and picked out Soucek but his header wasn't directed goal-ward as he missed by just a few margins.

Spurs started getting themselves into the game and Ndombele had an effort blocked for a corner kick and another header in the 40th minute headed goal-ward but there was no power and precision on the header which made it easy for the goalkeeper to save. Antonio let his team down shortly after when he managed to get into the box but rather than pick out a teammate he opted to go for the goal himself and his shot skewed wide.

Just before halftime whistle went, in the 44th minute, Reguilon delivered a beautiful cross into the box and Kane met it with accuracy and power but Fabianski had to be at his best to stop the shot as he pushed it over the bar. It was an important save to keep West Ham from going behind.

Tottenham started the second half better and Skipp missed two wonderful chances to give his side the lead after missing just narrowly as he moved faster than the ball when the ball was crossed into the box and when they broke away on the counter in the 51st minute and despite his brilliance on the ball his finishing let him down.

West Ham did everything possible to get ahead but their finishing keep letting them down as well as not making a decisive decision on time. Benrahma, Fornals and a few others were culprits. Fornals had his shot deflected and then pushed over the bar by the goalkeeper in the 71st minute.

West Ham finally got their goal from the resulting corner in the 72nd minute after a lovely corner was delivered into the box. Despite being shoulder to shoulder with Harry Kane, Antonio managed to get his leg to the ball that eluded everyone and his effort found the back of the net, leaving Lloris rooted to the spot.

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