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Sorry Is Not An Action Word.

olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, 4 days ago4 min read


How often do you hear or say "Sorry? Most people will tell you sorry but they do not mean it. How do you know they don’t mean it? Their actions would betray them - after they have said sorry. Some people will even act up because they felt aggrieved for saying sorry. They feel it is an injustice to them for having to say sorry. Maybe they are used to receiving it than saying it and their ego is always at stake.

When you tell people sorry, you should mean it. You are not expected to say it just to placate the situation but because you know you have done wrong and you want to do things better. It’s annoying to have people tell you sorry, and then you think they mean it and afterwards, they start giving attitude. I intentionally shun people like that out of my space because I believe they are proud, and pompous and would never be able to handle being wrong.

It is okay to be wrong...that's life. Your friend or your partner should not expect someone perfect but someone considerate. You are not expected to start acting up after your flaws were pointed out to you and you have said sorry. If you won’t say sorry, then don’t say it but saying it when you don’t mean it is an insult to the person’s intelligence. Without genuine sorry, then your sorry will always come out wrong.

There are some scenarios where you have to tell your friends or partner sorry repeatedly depending on the gravity of the offence. That extra mile means a lot to let the person you have offended know you are truly sorry and you want to make it right. Oftentimes, people that fail to tell others sorry, say it genuinely, or say it repeatedly are the ones that would always want to hear sorry and yet they can’t give it.

Many people need to learn how to say sorry. When you know you have hurt someone whether seriously or just mildly, you need to learn how to pacify the anger and sometimes it takes a while. Let that be your ‘making it up’ for what you have done; see it as one, so it can linger in your memory and not to allow such happen again.

Not everyone can stick around to have you rub their heads or their back or kiss their lips. Find what works for your partner or your friend. How do you like being told sorry? I would love to know... Often we try to sweep things under the carpet. We feel we can use our ego; as a guy or use our touch - for females to cover up our wrongs.

Most of the time when we hurt others, all we focus on at that time is ourselves. That's the wrong way to apologize. When you wrong someone, they should be the center of the apology and not some weak excuses to make yourself feel good a little. We often take people for granted and that influences why we hurt them and think we don’t have to say sorry, or better still, we say sorry without really meaning it, and that is unacceptable.

Most of the time we work against ourselves and if you want people to stick with you longer, then you must be ready to drop all the emotional blackmail of showing you are a lady and all the ego; to prove you are a guy. When you don’t drop your ego or let go of your emotional blackmail, you are surrounding yourself with people who can’t trust you and you can’t have sincere people around you if they can’t trust you.

Sometimes we are scared of saying sorry because we don’t want to lose that ‘control’ but in the long run, we will end up losing it when those people eventually walk away. You need to ask yourself, what is important, the control or that relationship? When we are more considerate, it makes it easier for us to put others ahead of us and treat them with the same fairness we would want. Sorry is not a verb so don't expect it to act for you...make efforts.

How do you like being told sorry? With a bouquet of flowers? Hahahaha. Rubbing of the head? A peck or unexpected kiss? Or yours is a slap? Hahahaha. I would like to know.

Thank you for your time.

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