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Setting Effective Goals, IV.

olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 months ago6 min read

It's a continuation and this is the last part of the 4 part series on goal setting, the importance and all we need to know about goals. I have been explaining the importance of setting goals, the types of goals we have and how to stay encouraged by stepping outside of our comfort zone. We need to set the kind of goals that would make the difference and lead us to setting other goals. We can actually set a goal within a goal.


3 Differentiate Between Personal Goals And Organizational Goals:

A lot of people confuse their work place goals for their own personal goals. You need to be able to separate the two. You are not planning your work and you are not working your plans when you confuse the two. Stop counting your days or your time and make your days and time count instead. As much as you want to give your best to your organization, you should be able to set personal goals for yourself alongside it.

4 Stop Setting Goals Haphazardly:

A lot of people just make plans and set goals without having much thoughts. They set new goals every now and then with so many unfulfilled goals. You need to get through with the goals you have set before picking up another one but a lot of people set goals haphazardly and it won’t get them anywhere.

5 Set Tangible, Definite And Measurable Goals:

Your goals should be tangible, definite and should have time duration for its actualization. Your goals should specify what you are going to do, and when you are going to do it, so as to achieve what you intend to do.

6 Set Realistic Goals:

Your goals should be doable and achievable. Look at where you are before setting goals. Don’t go too high, don’t go too low; know your limits and where you are first. Imagine someone who has never saved before and he or she planned on saving 70% of his or her income. It is a good move but it is not realistic because such a person might not keep up with it. Consistency is vital when setting goals and you need to stretch yourself, but not too much. If you earn £200 a month and you want to save £1, it seems a little too low and too achievable without stretching yourself. Go a little higher and I know it is dependent on your expenses every month, but you should be able to cut some excesses before you can achieve that.

Set your goals and make them realistic. Like I said, they shouldn’t be too high; that it might discourage you, and they shouldn’t be too low; that they might be too easy. Balance is needed in everything and you need to make your goals flexible.


How Do I Relate With My Goals?

1 State Your Goals:

The pen is sharper than the sharpest mind; which means you tend to forget sometimes if you don’t write them out. You need to be able to write them down and the benefit of writing them down is to constantly remind you anytime you see your goals written down.

List out your goals, write them out and put them where you can always see the list. It enables you to visualize your goals and it is a known fact that you cannot feature in a future that you cannot picture. Say it over and over again, make it plain and take conscious effort towards it.

2 Be Committed To Your Goals:

Plan your work and work your plan. If you have a goal and you are not working towards it, it will never happen. Be committed to your goals. What you are not committed to will soon fizzle out as the determination will never be enough to achieve the desired result.

3 Be Regulated By Your Goals:

The goals you don’t respect will never give you any harvest. You need to be able to relate with your goals as you should.

I set an example about an alarm the other time. When your alarm sounds for 5am and you hit the snooze button, it means you are not relating with your alarm the way you should. Stop looking for excuses, take things serious, especially your goals; because your life depends on it. Always find a way to make your goals work.

4 Stick To Your Goals:

Focus is important. You need to focus on your goals and stay with it; stay true to your goals because that is all you have. Persistence will always overcome any opposition and I always say, life also responds to pressure. There will always be thing that will want to attack your commitments but you need to stick with your plans so as to rise above it.


5 Review Your Goals:

This needs to be done from time to time. Doing this will always make you know where you have fallen short; where you are not meeting up, and even where you have overachieved, which will enable you to build on and push on even further and father.

6 Measure It:

Measure how well you are doing where your goals are concerned. Reward yourself for any target you have crossed or met. You want to finish 12 books in a year, and the moment you reached that goal or even exceed it, at the end of the year, reward yourself by doing something nice for yourself. It will motivate you to set new goals and endure the process with the feeling of past achievement still fresh in mind. Take yourself out on a treat, eat a wonderful meal, go for a spa session, and buy something you have always admired, or do whatever you feel you want to spoil yourself with, as compensation for the goals you have achieved. It enables you to set new goals and even go a bit higher. In rewarding yourself, make sure it is within your budget. Don’t go back to ground zero all in a bit to reward yourself for a target met.

To be who you are supposed to be, you need to set goals so as to become effective in life.

Thank you for your time.

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