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olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago2 min read

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"I regret last night, Mabel. I am truly sorry." Alex pleaded with Mabel with his sad countenance.

"I am used to hearing this every time, Alex. This is the 12th time and yes, I am counting. You keep doing it over again, even when we were courting." - Mabel blurted.

"But I am truly sorry, I mean it this time. I promise you, it won't happen again." Alex still pleaded.

It wasn't long again, Mabel got delayed in traffic on her way home from work while Alex finished up early and got home before Mabel. Mabel was so scared the traffic would complicate things further for her, so she managed to find a spot, parked her car and hopped on the bike to quickly head home. She felt she would at least, still get home before her husband not knowing he had been home.

She knew she left the car in good hands because she managed to find a security spot and they know her there. On getting home, she opened the door and in a flash, she found herself on the floor. She was still trying to catch her breath when she received a heavy kick to her tummy. She held on to her tummy in pain as Alex watched blood dripping from her to the floor.

He wasn't even remorseful, he spitted on her, left her in the pool of her blood and the loud bang on his way out gave way for the neighbours to know Alex has done it again. Her neighbours came, carried her and took her to the hospital that night.

She actually got delayed because she left the office and went to the clinic to get tested. She was hoping to share the news with her husband that night that they were expecting a baby but now, the azure sky who promised her a beautiful morning, the splendour of it has been ruined by a violent man.

The End.

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