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Pre-seasons So Far... II.

olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, 6 months ago4 min read


I don't really take Pre-seasons to heart but it's always fun to see so many teams showing desires, building up fitness and also giving young players so many opportunities to stake their claim and also gain recognition for themselves. It's fun to watch and I usually watch the games with lightheadedness. I just want to analyze based on my understanding of how so many teams fared and what we are to expect also for the coming season.

I would be talking about the so-called big teams because they are the ones I actually kept tabs on with results and also highlights. I watched quite a lot of these games too because they were played at the right time for me and most of them got streamed live on YouTube. I watched all the Manchester United games on MUTV of course.


It's going to be another season of struggle for Frank Lampard's men, no doubt. I am not just judging based on their Pre-season but I don't think Lampard has what it takes to drive this team to their goal. They have played 3 games so far and only won once. They have only scored 4 goals in 3 games with 4 of the goals coming only against Blackpool. They lost against Arsenal and Minnesota. The effect of losing Richarlison to Tottenham would surely be felt. This team is blessed with amazing talents but I don't think Lampard is the man to drive them forward.

They might not be in the relegation scrap in the coming season but they would still be disappointing and I know the moment Lampard steered them clear relegation last season that they would stick to him for the coming season. It might prove to be a terrible idea but still, I understand that they want to give him time and not rip apart the existing structure they are building on at the moment. However they want to spin it, they would struggle again in the coming season just as we say in my language, "The Saturday that would be good, we know right from Friday night".

Leicester City.

At best, I think Leicester City would finish in Europa League or Conference League. I know they possess quality players with Barnes and Maddison doing their wonders but they are still average at best and I don't see them in the Champions League places. They have played 5 games so far in this preseason and they have lost 1, drawn 1 and won 3. I must confess that I am impressed with their shape, performance sometimes and the quality they offer. Maddison had such a brilliant season last season and he looks ready to continue from where he stopped with Barnes as well. Leicester City would do okay in the coming season.


Here comes one of the threats in the coming season. They lost their first preseason game against Manchester United after they lost with a resounding 4-0, but they picked the slack against Crystal Palace but that didn't impress me because Crystal Palace just played against Manchester United a day before so they might not be in the best of shape but the game that pleased me the most was the one against RB Leipzig after they won by 5-0 with Nunez showing typical striker instinct by scoring 4 goals.

Salah would have to step up his goalscoring too because Nunez would surely contest with him for that golden boot. As a new player, Nunez can catch a lot of teams by surprise because they would still want to adapt to him and he would be eager to impress in his first season as well which makes me believe that he would be a massive plus to Liverpool in the coming season. They have lost Mane to Bayern Munich but they still have Luis Diaz and Jota with Firmino still on the books with the ever impressive Salah. I can see them challenge for the Premier League title even though they haven't pushed their boundaries in these preseason games.

They might not be able to stay in the hunt in 4 competitions as they did last season but they would fight tooth and nail with Manchester City for that title yet again. I feel they have a decent bench too but a few more additions wouldn't be a bad idea. Whatever they decide, I still see them as a force to be reckoned with in the coming season.

...to be continued...

Thank you for your time.

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