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Poetic Justice.

olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, 5 months ago5 min read


As usual, these are some of my favourite poems. I enjoy writing poems. They are a delight to my soul and they come naturally to me. I always pick the easy lines and spice them up with rhymes to make it appealing. I love simple poems so people won't have to crack their heads too much to understand them. I've encouraged a lot of people to try this format and they have been enjoying it. It doesn't have to be complicated...just see it as a way of opening up your heart, baring it all out...in shorter words... short, deep and meaningful.

The Move.



It's good news here and there
And it's pleasing to hear.
It's good news all over and
It's obvious that God is in the neighbourhood
No time for hatred or rift
It's the time to make a shift
It's a move and it's a good one after all

If at this moment, all you've got is planning the downfall of a fellow
If at this moment, your green leaf is turning yellow,
If at this moment, you ignore God and refuse to say "Hello"
If at this moment, you grow wings and refuse to mellow,
I'm afraid that you are not part of this move

It's a move and a call to greatness
A move and a call to the enlargement of coast
It's a move to betterment, peace and ease
It's a move to a different stage of blessing
It's the move of God and the heavens are pregnant with blessings for the earth

Congratulations and cheers to this great move
Congratulations and cheers if you're part of the move
Congratulations and cheers if you are aware of the move
Congratulations and cheers, over and over again!

It Depends On You.



I don't understand many things about life
You will know this too when you have a husband or a wife
There are times you will see everything going great, you thrive
There are times things aren't great and with others you strife
I don't understand many things about humans
They speak and act in ways I am alien to like the Romans
They tell you they believe in you but doubt you like the Thomas
Their loyalties can be bought, they are just like movers
I don't understand so many things but I try to learn
I might not understand how life works but I learn from what I can see
I might not be able to predict the actions of humans
Still, I learn to believe in myself and observe others too
Life is filled with lessons but it depends on how you see it
Life will always happen and there is nothing you can do about it
Humans will act the best way they think they can
It's left to us to know how we would respond to it
There would be things beyond our control
Just as we would have those under control
Nothing is promised except for the efforts you are able to make
Call on God but don't forget to row to the shore in the middle of the sea
May you get more out of life than just a cup of tea

Faded Into Memory.



I love this poetry and it runs deeper. Let me know what you think...

I stared into the empty space in front of me and I saw you
You are in my memory and I wish to pull you out to feel
I tried to recreate you in everyone that I came across but it didn't work
I accepted the reality that you are one in a million and gone
Gone from my reach to hold, behold and feel
Feeling your touch is no longer possible but I can still smell you
Smell you on the clothes you left behind with your favourite cologne on them
I move closer sometimes and hugged them tight as though it was you
I wish to wear them most times so I can feel you closer to me than the memories
I wanted something to touch, something to hold on to but you are away
Away in a distant land where bread is not stone and water is not thirsty
Away from the world that doesn't deserve the awesomeness you possess
Your life was a gift, is a gift and always would be
I close my eyes and I still see you
You must be tired because you always run through my mind
I wish to close my eyes as often as I can so I can keep seeing you
I just want to play your favourite song, hoping you can pop in
Just to have one last dance with me but that won't would be endless
Because I would want to do everything and anything possible to keep you longer



Thank you for your time.

My pen doesn't bleed, it speaks, with speed and ease.

Still me,

My tongue is like the pen of a ready writer.

Olawalium; (Love's chemical content, in human form). Take a dose today: doctor's order.

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