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Players Who Failed To Live Up To Their Potential, II.

olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 months ago4 min read


This is the second part of the topic above. In case you haven't seen the first one, here it is: [Players Who Failed To Live Up To Their Potential.]

Jack Wilshere.

Arsene Wenger knew how to get the best out of Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey. I don't know if it's right to say that the injury problems of Jack Wilshere contributed to him not reaching that height but he is definitely one player that has moved from the world-class status into oblivion. His athleticism on the ball, his wide range of vision, his ability to strike the ball, his tackle and his stamina would always be admired by anyone who has watched him play when the whole media was going crazy about him.

Royston Drenthe

I used to follow Real Madrid back then but I just watch their game and wasn't a deep fan...even till today. I was fortunate to know this guy back then by the virtue of watching him. His pace and ability to dribble would always keep you on the edge of the seat but he wasn't able to hold down a regular starting berth and moved to Hercules on loan. He once accused Lionel Messi of racism when Hercules met with Barcelona. His career never picked up after leaving Real Madrid as he enjoyed loan stints at Everton too where he played 21 times and scored just 3 goals. He also turned up for Reading where he got 2 goals as well. He left the football scene in 2016 to pursue acting and music careers which both failed as he wasted a lot of money on them. He was declared bankrupt and now a month after that, he has joined a Spanish minnow named Real Murcia. Another wonderful talent that failed to get the limelight.

Freddy Adu.

Another player I got to know in FIFA game console at that time. He was dubbed the new Pele after bursting into the scene at age 14 where he was known. A lot of things took a bad turn for this guy and he was looking for a club at the age of 28 where most players are always sought after. Things never quite worked so well for Freddy and he is another story of unfulfilled potential. Hopefully one day he would tell his story with honesty as to why things didn't work out well for him.


I know most people know this guy and would perhaps expect him to be the first on the list of unfulfilled potential. Everyone expected him to take over from Brazilian Ronaldo but he couldn't do it. After losing his father in 2004, he slipped into depression and alcoholism took the better part of him. He didn't hit the height everyone knew his potential could take him and it's quite saddening.

Mario Balotelli.

I hated it when we play against Manchester City then because of this guy. He is tricky, smart, talented and could do anything with the ball out of nothing but his playfulness and carefree attitude ruined his career and when he started getting a bit serious, it was too late for him because everyone saw his bad boy nature in full glare at Manchester City. He was even lucky to play for other top teams like Liverpool, AC Milan and Inter Milan. His lack of discipline always plays a part in him not hitting the heights destined for him.

I can remember when Roberto Mancini finally lost his cool with him at the game against LA Galaxy in Pre-season. He was one on one with the goalkeeper and he decided to do a back heel flick with the goal at his mercy. He lost the ball when his team could have been 2-0 up. Even Edin Dzeko couldn't understand what came over Mario. Infuriated Mancini took him off after 30 minutes and James Milner replaced him. He is too playful and unserious which is why he wasted most of his talents and didn't hit the height he was expected to.

You can watch the video below and judge him for yourself haha:

I would be releasing the third part tomorrow which might be the final part as well. I made sure I went with the players I know rather than getting the list off the internet. I want it to be my thinking of what I know of these players rather than players I know nothing about that I just read off the internet.

Thank you for your time.

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