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Overrated Coach and Players.

olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 months ago3 min read


This isn't the first time I've mentioned how overrated the England team is. They are a bunch of average players with inflated egos made possible by media hype.

A lot of people blamed their poor performances on fatigue based on how stressful the season that just ended was but it's never about the fatigue and a lot of people have seen how exposed they can be. I like them, in fact, I root for them in World Cups but they always come up short. You will see them blaze through qualifications so much that they would stir up so much hope for the country and the last time out, there were shouts about the Trophy going home but it went to Rome instead.

I personally have issues with Gareth Southgate because I don't think he is a quality coach and that's me being honest. He plays sentiments when it comes to calling up players for the national team. I doubt he chooses most players on merit but he also sometimes goes with the media flow if you see him actually pick a player based on merit. He lives for the media and his choices were influenced by it. I doubt if any other coach would have lasted with the kind of results and disappointments he has gathered over the years with England.

It's not surprising why they haven't had any wins in 4 games. They are still at full strength but after being ripped apart by hungry Hungary, Gareth Southgate said it's important they are at full strength and that's what he has learnt. I couldn't help but laugh because it begs the question as to why he called up the players he called up since he thinks they are not at full strength. I don't think he is tactically sound and sometimes those players make it easy for him because they have their moments once in a while as well.

Hungary ripped England apart and they were made to look ordinary. For a team with such talents, I would expect better from England. They were not as threatening as they should. They wasted a few glittering chances they had. They were bereft of ideas and they started playing kick and follow. Crosses were aimless into the box with no one near in sight to connect with it. I am glad they got found out right now before they would give unnecessary hope to the fans in a more serious competition.

I don't know maybe they feel they don't have to do too much or because of the hype around them from the media circle but whatever it is, they got a reality check that made them understand how ordinary they are and where work needs to be done. Players should be selected on merit and not as a means of loyalty. A team need to always play at full strength except you are playing a game that allows you to try new players out. I feel this England team is overrated and Gareth Southgate is not that tactically sound either. This isn't just about the Hungary game nor about the 4 games they played without a single win but about their pattern before now.

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