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Now That The Season Is Over, III.

olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 months ago5 min read


This is the third part of the series I started a few days ago. I am giving an insight into how the season went for most of the teams and a suggestion into what I think they should add to their team for next season. I'm just focusing on the major teams or the teams I find interesting.

I've spoken about Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United, Tottenham, West Ham and Leicester City. This is the final part and I would be talking about Newcastle United, Aston Villa, Everton, Leeds and a bit part, Crystal Palace.

Newcastle United.

I know all eyes would be on Newcastle United because of their wealth. Everyone expects them to make a statement and I am no different from that. I want to see what they can come up with but we can be sure they won't be having wholesome changes. We have seen how Manchester City grew over the year when they made a statement with Robinho which paved way for many others to come. I don't think they need to go for a major signing like Harry Kane or some sort, no. I think they need players that are hungry and ready to make a name for themselves. They shouldn't make the mistake like Manchester United which attracts just anyone with a huge salary cap because they can afford it but players that are familiar with the league and ready to go.

They made a good bargain with Trippier when he joined from Atletico Madrid even though injury cut him short but he added his tally to the points needed before he was injured. I don't have any player in mind for them but I feel they need to resist the urge to have a marquee signing. They don't need it because it would bring about unnecessary expectations and might ruin the dressing room. Which top player would have wanted to play for Newcastle United before the takeover? Exactly...they need not pull a "Mbappe" if they don't want trouble for the future, something PSG would soon realize in a matter of seasons and Mbappe himself.

These players with their coach rallied around to get the best result to turn their season around. I don't think disrupting that flow with too many signings would be of help. 3-to 4 new players in major positions would go a long way. Callum Wilson cannot do everything and it would be nice to see which areas they want to strengthen but a striker, an attacking midfielder, a central midfielder and a defender would be nice.

Aston Villa.

I would say the best deal was signing Coutinho and Steven Gerrard proved in his first season that he isn't going to roll over. A lot of people can blame him in that final game of the season for taking Coutinho off but we all know the quality Manchester City possess. I think he has a decent squad too and Ollie Watkins is doing a great job but they need a point man. They need another striker that would give them other options than what they currently have in case they want to switch the game up when they need points.


Frank Lampard escaped the relegation and it would open his eyes to the harsh reality he has to face. That was a decent squad he got too but I don't think he has the experience to steer this team in a West Ham kind of run. Richarlison is there, Calvert-Lewin is there, Gordon is there...I can go on and on. I am not sure a striker is their problem. This group is talented and good and it's hard for me to even point out what they need to do. Maybe they can fix the defence because Keane had a mixed season. Pickford came through in goal for some parts too and Doucoure is doing a decent job as well. They should work on their midfield and defence but they are good in attack. With better ball carriers and good services, Richarlison and Calvert-Lewin would score more goals.

Leeds United.

Leeds United escaped relegation and they lived to fight another day. It was a narrow escape that would send a signal to them that they need a more recognized striker. With Raphinha, Rodrigo and James flanking, I think they need a better striker, someone of more quality than Bamford. They also need a dominant figure in midfield. I feel most of them are too attacking minded and this is good because that's why we like them but they need sanity in the middle of the park. With a Kanye kind of figure but a sitting one, I think they can sort out their midfield to allow their attacks to fly.

Crystal Palace.

Patrick Vieira did a miracle with Palace this season and this is just for me to appreciate the work he did with this group. I would say West Ham and Palace were the two teams that impressed me the most apart from Manchester City and Liverpool of course. Mateta is amazing too but the expectations would be too high for next season with what they have done. They would need to step up and give more than they did this past season. The only thing I would ask them to do is to fight tooth and nail to keep Connor Gallagher. I know playing for Chelsea would want to appeal to him but he should learn from the erroneous way of Jesse Lingard by staying put with Crystal Palace. I believe they would come good next season while also pushing for a European berth.

Thank you for your time.

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