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No Fairytale - Still Giving Opponents Chances.

olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, 5 months ago5 min read


It wasn't a fairytale start for Erik Ten Hag as Manchester United succumbed to a loss at the start of the season in front of the home fans. What a way to perfectly describe the shambles this team has been in ever since Sir Alex Ferguson left. There is no place to hide anymore, there are no excuses to give this team anymore other than to call them out for what they are, which is an average team at best.

Brighton has never won a game at Old Trafford and despite giving so many teams their first break to make history before now, Manchester United continued in that same way by giving Brighton their first win at Old Trafford. This is not to take away from the brilliant effort from Brighton but seeing the gulf in class, it's shameful to see that Manchester United were totally outclassed on their turf and with the quality they have on the pitch compared to Brighton. They couldn't even manage a draw.

I know a lot of people would be talking about the non-existent midfield of Manchester United and rightly so but let's face the facts, even with that midfield, with the chances Manchester United got up front, they should be winning this game. Yes, I know the midfield needs to be worked on but nothing has been done to the central role of late, there is no point murmuring over it again since it's obvious the board would rather waste time on a player that doesn't want to play for us than get a creative and controlling midfield to sort this team out for this long season. So, rather than worry about what they aren't doing, why not let's talk about the things we can do and why we aren't doing them?

See Rashford for instance, if I am not mistaken, that guy wasted three glaring chances and if at this level, with his wealth of experience and playing for such a team as Manchester United, he doesn't understand that you don't always have to be at your best to dominate proceedings but at least, be ready to take chances, then Rashford shouldn't be starting for Manchester United.

I am not just pained but disappointed to see them start the season like this. I know the first game of the season doesn't really matter that much as I said in the last post I shared because there are still a lot of grounds to cover but that's for a team that always has good reactions. We know Manchester United doesn't have a good reaction and this is driving away the sense of optimism that the fans would have going into the season while also giving the opposition the ground to always have a go at us since they are being reminded of how we were last season.

There are no excuses for this team anymore and I think most people would have been tired of complaining about the same thing over the seasons and now they just wouldn't bother anymore. I am afraid we are losing the thrill and dedication from the fans. This is not a good way to start the season but it wouldn't matter if only they can have a good reaction in the next game.

Now, Erik Ten Hag would understand that winning those Pre-season games didn't matter that much because it's all about understanding gameplay and building up fitness. I mentioned that also in the series I ended a few weeks ago when I spoke about how each top team fared in their Pre-season games. Erik Ten Hag would now understand the magnitude of the job he has been given because no coach wants to start his new regime in front of the home fans with a loss, especially with the way we played in the first half.

I don't understand how we needed goals and the backline were still passing to each other rather than time a good run. I don't know why the front guys weren't making runs to be picked out also. I don't understand De Gea's distribution too even though we know he isn't the best passer of the ball but when the occasion calls for it as it was required against Brighton, I expected everyone to show some level of urgency and drive the ball forward.

The only thing that came to my head when Brighton went 2 goals up was, "Here we go again... Another season of ups and down with so much uncertainty" and that's the way I am feeling right now with this team. I would just keep watching their games to see how we play each game but it's only the first game, yes, but I am not dreaming of anything magical with this team this season. Let them surprise me in a good way for the first time in a long time.

We go again...

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