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olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 months ago5 min read


Happy Posthumous Birthday, Dad.

Some people can never be replaced no matter how we tried
Neither can we bring them back no matter how much we cried
It still doesn't get any easier no matter how long the tears have dried
Even if you bury your emotions deep or have it fried
They say time makes everything easier but I think they lied
It has been 16 years and yet my emotions are not tied
We sometimes wish we can have our emotions tied
To avoid having to face the reality of the void left behind
Happy Posthumous birthday, dad...you are always on my mind
There is no year that passes by that I don't feel your wind
The wind of your emotions that blows me but I can't find
I missed the sound of your car horn outside the gate
And how you used to leave your meat for me on your plate
I missed hearing your voice that speaks of love and not of hate
Oh...those times I used to take permission from you to go on a date
Or rush to the house from a corner when I heard your horn approach the gate
Every fun moments were in those tiny things that passed by
Small details but they carry so much emotions and memories
So many times I would pick your phone and use your credit
Give you a list of things needed while you cross out some
Now, I missed those luxuries since I now have responsibilities 🤣😂
I would never wish to have these experiences with any other person, dad
I missed you and it hurts deeply not having you close by


Several years ago you were nothing but a lad
Gave hope to lives that were sad
And turned everything to good from the bad
Even the devil was mad
Knowing you were a great gift the world had
By a thousand miles per yard
You move through oceans with your pad
And put smiles on faces that were sad
Your memory forever linger
To your good deeds, everyone points a finger
Your kindness has always been my ginger
And nothing to break me or hinder
Or stop me from being kinder
You led the way like a pathfinder
Now I look back and wonder
What a joy it is to have had you as a father.

Sleep on Abraham Olufemi Oladoja.
Happy posthumous birthday to you dad. I love you then, I love you now and always. It's never going to change no matter the distance.

Happy Birthday, Adejoke.


You are strong, determined, impressive and courageous. God is indeed with you and I celebrate the partnership of God upon your life. I am deeply happy to have known such a lovely soul like you. Your love is real, so is your heart. You would go out of your way just to make another person smile. What a joy you are to the world. There is always so much to say about you. Happy Birthday to you, Queen. You know I love you for a long time. Have a blessed year. It gets better going forward for you, in Jesus name. Amen.

You are not just a dreamer, you think and do, you dream and achieve. Your resilience game is on point and your influence spreads like fragrance. Thank you for bringing sunshine into our world. The stage is set for you, darling. You are taking the world.


You are indeed the only Adejoke Diamond
You give me good feelings than the almond
Anytime I call, you are there to respond
You never leave me hanging nor abscond
I can only wish you blessings now and beyond
Of you, I have grown to be so fond
And our friendship keeps growing into a stronger bond
Oh! I wish I can sing for you the finest song
While asking the world to play the gong
The world is set at your feet, my darling
It is yours for the taking and I am sure
Oh! I am sure you'd go greater things
Because you are flying high on God's wings
Evolving beautifully like a fine wine
In your heart, dear I always want to dine
Your friendship means a lot to me
You are smart, strong, hardworking and fine
A lady of strength, wits, grits and substance
You inspire me with your resilience and heart
You are a risk-taker, always launching into the deep
From your cup of ginger, my padi let me take a sip

You are indeed a true definition of a friend and I can never stress this enough. You are a great person and you evolve so beautifully. Nothing downs your spirit and when situations arise, your strength shows and shine forth. You are a complete package of what a friend and a lady should be; beautiful, kind, loving, adorable, smart, independent, creative, assertive, self-loving, insight, risk-taker, fashionista, determination and resilience.

Thank you for your time.

My pen doesn't bleed, it speaks, with speed and ease.

Still me,

My tongue is like the pen of a ready writer.

Olawalium; (Love's chemical content, in human form). Take a dose today: doctor's order.

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