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Love - Found You, III.

olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago4 min read

I can remember sharing this joke many years ago and I can't remember where I even came across that joke anymore. The person said that love is a crime that requires an accomplice, so if it is one sided then you can't think of it being love because love should be reciprocated. It's okay to love someone that doesn't feel the same way but the best one is to love someone who feels the same way about you. Oh yes, the joke...I almost forgot. It says: "Love can find you anywhere and there are no conditions to it. I've seen people fall in love in Church, in the library, on the road and even in the zoo. On the last one, the hippopotamus is my witness."

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Some people find love and some others don't. I know the comment section would be buzzing as to how many people would tell me they have given up on love and wouldn't even want to try it. I totally understand their views but sometimes we don't have to go chasing love, sometimes we have to sit back and allow love to find us.

Many people want to find love by all means. They go out of their way to make it possible and try to skip the process while forcing things, yet, they end up getting hurt the more. This is why most people don't believe in love because they are trying to force it. I am all for "going all out to find love" because nothing good comes easy, I get it, but what I am saying is that, sometimes, after you have tried all you needed to try and things don't work out, it's okay for you to sit back, relax and wait for love to find you.

It's about keeping an open mind rather than holding on to the years you have been hurt. The years of hurt should only be at the back of your mind never to allow just anyone to waltz into your life but keeping an open mind is to give yourself a chance to love one more time. The cure for a broken heart is still to love. Love is magical and when you are hit by it, you forget the years when others have used your heart to play football. Love is temporary amnesia that makes you forget that there are another 7 billion people in the world because that person is your world.

Don't say no to love because you have been hurt by it. God knows I've had my fair share of it too but don't go running around to find love, but sometimes, maybe love wants you to wait so you can be found.

Open your heart to more love because you have been created to love. While you are waiting for love to find you, never despise those who have found their love and never close your heart to it. Learn how to love more by treating those around you nice. You have an abundance of love in your heart to give and it shouldn't only be to a lover, you can let it flow to a neighbour too or a friend. You never can tell where your true love would hit you from.

Often we have the perfect image in our head of how we want love to be and happen to us. Love is full of surprises too, so learn to allow the process of healing to take place while opening up your heart to love more. I'm not saying you have to sell yourself short and allow just anyone to waltz into your life. Start by loving yourself first and it would be easier to know who can fit into it because loving yourself is a template for everyone on how you want to be loved.

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